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Google Invades Donny's Ramblings!


You’ll notice I added a few revenue generating features around here. Over in the left column there’s a link to a free “Google Pack”. If you don’t already have that, check it out. Mac users are out of luck on that one, as it’s only for Windows XP operating systems.

Right below the google pack is a text link to download Firefox with Google Toolbar. I really really really believe in Firefox. It’s a much better browser than Internet Explorer, and much less susceptible to viruses. Do yourself a favor and click that link, download Firefox, and never open Internet Explorer again. Seriously! Almost 80% of my readers use Internet Explorer. I’ll be checking my stats to see how many of you take this advice. JUST DO IT! The computer you save may be your own!

Above each post are “Ads by Google”. If something comes up that catches your interest, click on it. If not, don’t. I get some sort of kick back for each click. I’m not sure how much.

And finally, over on the right is a google search box. Feel free to utilize that as well. Each search results in a trickle of pennies as well. With all the traffic I’ve been receiving it’ll add up over time.

Hey, I gotta be proactive in figuring out a new way of generating revenue, no?

And please: tell all your friends about my blog. More visitors never hurt anyone. Thanks for your support!

3 thoughts on “Google Invades Donny's Ramblings!

  1. i’ll click everything every visit. every little bit helps right?

  2. Firefox is the best. Once you use Firefox, it’s tabs, safety, and extensions. You wont go back.

  3. Brad- If you click multiple times a day Donny’s account could get flagged for “Invalid Clicks” and it could be deleted. I’ve even seen forums that use adsense have their accounts suspended because members made posts suggesting people click the ads to help support the forum.Just keep your eyes open for something that interests you 🙂

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