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The Second Day


Yesterday I complained about having to work for someone else. Today I got up early and went back in for more punishment.

It wasn’t bad at all. I had a great talk with the owner and was happy to learn he’s a Christian. He put me to work on a project that will keep my mind occupied and provide new challenges.

About the only negative part of the day was when I had my ego tested by another employee, who decided to address me, the new guy, with a whole lot of attitude. God, help my ego. I didn’t back down. I didn’t raise my voice, but I firmly let the man know, in front of several other employees, that when he begins signing my checks I’ll allow him to talk to me like he did. He went running to the boss man to let him know that the new guy responded to his attitude with attitude of his own.

I admitted to the boss (oh how I hate that word) that I probably shouldn’t have responded as I did, but he was laughing while hearing my side of the story and told me not to worry about it. I guess this particular person feels threatened by new employees and tries running people off right away. Sorry, this is the wrong guy to try intimidating.

As I said, God help my ego. I really need to learn to lay it down.


Later this evening I took my best friend John with me to Sacramento, where we met with the producer of a new film that will be coming out soon. I have no idea how many details I’m allowed to reveal, so I won’t say much about it. What I will say is that the group of people with whom I spoke have come up with a very good way to help those struggling with pornography. I was very impressed by their plan. The best part about it is that no first amendment rights are infringed upon, and both sides of the porn debate should be able to rally around.

We filmed an interview in which they asked numerous questions about my background in the adult entertainment industry as well as my opinions on their plan. We ended up shooting 2 hours worth of footage, and kept talking for another hour after the camera was turned off. If you’re a man who struggles with internet pornography, let me assure you help is on the way. As soon as the film is available for viewing I’ll tell you more about it.

2 thoughts on “The Second Day

  1. I’m glad the second day went a little better, it usually does.There’s always an insecure guy who’s a dick to new employees. It’s happened everywhere I’ve worked.

  2. I’m glad the second day went a little better, it usually does.

    There’s always an insecure guy who’s a dick to new employees. It’s happened everywhere I’ve worked.

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