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So What's The New Job, Donny?


I’ve received a handful of emails from readers inquiring about my new job. Today’s the day I reveal what I’m doing.

As you know if you’ve been following along with my story, I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to accept a few different employment offers. One of the most interesting offers was a position as Finance Manager for a dealership in Seattle, Washington. I eventually turned that offer down. It just wasn’t the right position for me. Last week I accepted a position with an automobile dealership right here in Redding. This keeps me close to my son and close to the two churches I’ve enjoyed attending.

A Christian friend of mine asked if I needed help finding a job. At first I declined his help because I thought I’d be leaving the area, but eventually I called him back to see what he had in mind. It turns out he and his wife are pretty close to another couple who own 3 auto dealerships. Having offered used cars exclusively, the company is now expanding by purchasing a new car franchise. With that new expansion comes the need to continuously look for new areas of marketing. The internet is a natural progression, and up until now they have not been utilizing that resource.

That’s where I come in. We all know I have a significant amount of experience with internet marketing, having owned adult oriented websites for several years. I’m being challenged to develop an internet marketing program for my new employer, a project I am enjoying more all the time. I’m really starting to get into it. I have a lot of ideas in mind that I feel will be successful.

Personally, I love being able to “shop naked” from the comfort of my own home. Before any major purchase I do a lot of research online. In approaching this new challenge, I’d like to focus more on the late model used cars, than on new vehicles. Anyone can access a manufacturer’s website to find information about new vehicles, but the late model used (or should I be more P.C. and say “pre owned”) auto market isn’t as easy to research. I’ll be handling new car inquiries as well, but every used car seems to have a different “story” you could say.

As a consumer, what would you like to see? I’m asking you to consider any automobile related websites that you visit. Then send me some feedback (or post a comment with it). Are there any example sites that you particularly enjoy? If so, send me a url and tell me what features you like best.

One thought I’ve had is not only listing the inventory with photos and prices, but also having a blog to discuss auto related topics and solicit viewer feedback. Search engines love blogs, and I’d love to own the market up here in Nor Cal for all relevant search terms. And if I can make the blog interesting enough, people will become “repeat readers”. That’s important because the next time Aunt Tilly is looking for a car the reader will think of me (or rather, my employer).

Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

An update on the new co-worker I mentioned having a bit of a problem with a few days ago: We’re getting along great now. I really like him.

Not long ago I told a few friends from my porn producing past(try quickly saying that 3 times) that I was considering employment in the automobile industry. Some of them began to ridicule the idea, pointing out I’d be a “used car salesman”, and voiced their opinion that car sales were not much better than porn production. I don’t share that opinion, but I do understand that some people feel the same way. I brought this up to my ex-wife and she gave me her thoughts: no matter what job you’re doing, try to do it better than anyone else.

I intend to reach for that in this new venture, for as long as God sees fit to keep me here.

6 thoughts on “So What's The New Job, Donny?

  1. donny, what your ex-wife said, i like it.thanks for the update on the job, we’ve been wondering what your work was. also, as im looking for buying a used car for my wife in the not so distant future (and i intend to research this online) i’ll give you my feedback from our experience. ps. i think its honarable to help people find a means for transportation.

  2. Sweet. I’m glad you have a job that you can excel at and like as well. Also, I’m a huge fan of used cars, and I see nothing wrong with it. As for ideas, I want to know stuff like the following:*are all the receipts available for previous maintenance*how many users has the car hadI can understand that if the first is a ‘no’ and the second is very high, you might not want to put those, but if they are positives, I woudl like to know.

  3. Keep calling them “used cars”. Here in SoCal all you hear is “pre-owned”, and the term still grates my teeth as bad as when I first heard it.Kind of like “87 Years Young”.

  4. So Donny, Have you had any cool moments with/concerning God lately?Ron

  5. Ron,There’s been a very major thing that has happened lately. I’m not quite ready to mention it because it’s something that has begun but has not yet finished. I’m waiting (anxiously) to see the end of this issue, but it’s huge and it’s miraculous. 🙂

  6. I’d look at consumer reports, carfax, and of course, blue book. Beyond that, I don’t know much about cars, so i’d take my dad or something! I have a friend who did what you’re doing quite successfully. He now owns his own business, so I’d be happy to put you in contact with him if you like. Maybe he can give you some tips? 🙂

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