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Caden Friday


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Originally uploaded by Donny Pauling.

Tonight I’ve been going through a bunch of photos of Caden that were taken during his first year on earth. I shot several thousand photos of him. For some reason I started uploading more than 1,700 photos to Flickr tonight. While doing so I thought to myself, “Hey, I should start having Caden Friday’s where I upload a different photo of Caden each week.

Sounds good to me.

I love this photo of 4 month old Mr. Toothless.

I had a hard time deciding between the photo you see in this post, and this photo here.

This one also brought back some great memories. I loved feeding him. Wendy used to laugh at the faces I’d make while doing so. I guess I’d open my mouth hoping he’d open his.

2 thoughts on “Caden Friday

  1. Love that toothless grin–what a cutie!

  2. what a great picture donny! caden is adorable. my wife and i started telling everybody yesterday that we are having a baby. so much fun seeing the grandparents to be reactions! i can’t wait till i can take all kinds of pictures like that of my son or daughter.
    hope you have a Merry Christmas Donny!

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