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Here’s another quick, short blog entry for the night. I’m not going to take the time I normally take to try wording it right. I normally take about an hour or more per entry and try to make things interesting.

I’ve been receiving counseling lately and it’s really helping a lot with some of the personal issues I’ve been facing. In the past I’ve never put much value on counseling. Now I’m finding that it does indeed help.

I’m also finding therapy in writing letters that will probably never be read by anyone. Try it sometime: pick a person that you have issues with and write them a letter. Save it on your computer or file it in a drawer or something. I’m saving mine to my hard drive. It’s actually pretty fun and it gets things out. This has been recommended to me in the past and I poo-poo’d that idea as well. Now I’m finding that I really need to stop rejecting ideas before actually trying them out.

I’m learning all kinds of things lately.


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