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Dear Mark,

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I am writing because we once professed to be friends. Regardless of whether that was really ever true, I’d like to appeal to that part of you anyway. I’m writing in an attempt to reach anything inside of you that might have a shred of decency. I’m writing about Belinda.

I wanted to call and say this stuff to you in person but I can’t keep from crying like a child when I think about it and, well, that’s just not “macho” now is it?

I hope that my writing this to you will not embarrass B. I don’t think it will because the three of us did a lot of things much crazier than letters without feeling any embarrassment. As you know, Belinda’s a girl I love very deeply. Because of that I want to request a few things from you.

First of all I’d like to request that you protect her heart. I didn’t do a very good job with that one. I couldn’t allow myself to fully accept the love she had for me and I thought she needed more than I could offer. Because of my insecurities I led her to places she didn’t want to go, and once she was there I ripped her to shreds for liking it. Please don’t do the same thing to her. I’m begging you not to do that.

Regardless of whether or not she’ll admit it, she’s got the tender heart of a beautiful woman beating inside of her. She may try to hide that, but I know this woman. She wants to be loved. I hope you can love her. She needs love to keep her sense of security and self-confidence. Love makes her happy. Most women are that way, I know, but I really care about this one. Her happiness, security and confidence is important to me. I stupidly shattered those things and broke her heart. Please do a better job with her than I did.

I’d like to ask that you resist that urge to spread yourself around to other women and just focus on Belinda. She deserves that. She really does. It’s easy for her to say she’s okay with casual relationships but again, I know this woman. She wants more. She deserves more.

I don’t want to drag this letter on and on in typical Donny fashion so I just want to end this by saying that I would consider you a great man if you sheltered the heart of this beautiful woman and treated her the way I should have treated her.

Do so and I’ll forever be in your gratitude.

– Donny –

(whether via email, myspace or my blog, that boy is gonna see this letter)

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