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Don't you wanna take your old myspace down??? Ewww.


The title of this post is an exact copy and paste of an email I received from Wendy at 6:30PM yesterday. My reply was:

” Yeah, you’re right. I need to take it down. Thanks for prompting me.

You’re a great inspiration to me, Wendy. I appreciate you immensely. I can’t express how much.”

She really is an inspiration to me. I put her through hell and she loved me still. I did things to her that made her think she was going crazy. She is still there. She never gave up on me. She really has been showing Jesus with her actions.

Her mother never gave up on me either. Her entire family for that matter. They all kept praying. Wendy will admit that she thought I was a lost cause and gone for good, but her mom never felt that way. I love that family.

I still have a myspace account, but it’s in my real name instead of the stage name I used when producing porn. I’d left the old one sitting there and would post a bulletin from time to time to direct people here to my blog. It was time to just shut it down.

This time period of my life is very challenging. I’ve been blogging about that for several days. But throughout the difficulty I’ve had no desire to return to my former career and I keep holding on to Jesus. I’ve been shown a glimpse of the future and it makes me smile on days when I don’t feel like smiling.


Yesterday I felt like I was at a place where I could not stand to live in this house another day. There are too many memories here. I went looking for another place to live and found two places that said I could move in, one of which said that I could do so in a week.

Wendy told me it wouldn’t matter where I live because I’ll never want to be home. She knows this from experience because of what she went through when the two of us parted ways. Still, God answers prayers and I’d been literally crying out to Him and begging that He help me get out of here.

Yesterday evening at 6:18PM my Realtor called and told me there had been an offer made on the house. It’s been for sale for a very long time without a single offer. Now, on the day I feel like I can’t stand living here anymore, an offer is made. Today I’ll meet with the Realtor to discuss it and see if I want to accept or reject it.

When we cry out from the depths of our soul, God answers.

5 thoughts on “Don't you wanna take your old myspace down??? Ewww.

  1. God is so amazing that He doesn’t give up on us and He reminds the people around us not to give up either. I am so glad that He determines my purpose and worth and I do not. ~Mandee

  2. Donny,God does in deed hear us…I hope everything goes the way you want in the sale of the house.

  3. rebound.02

  4. I found your site about three weeks ago. I appreciate your candor and am grateful for your walk with Jesus. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Update on the house offer:It wasn’t a super bad offer, but it wasn’t acceptable either so a counter offer was made. Hopefully it will be accepted.

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