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Nathan and Donny at "The Stirring"


Last weekend I was invited by Nathan Edwardson, the pastor of a new church called The Stirring, to share my story with his congregation.

Nathan’s church has grown rather quickly here in Redding to the point where two services are needed each Sunday evening. The congregation already numbers several hundred people in total.

What To Expect on the Audio File:

Nathan speaks for a few minutes, then has me come up and share my story, and then closes the service with some final words. It was a great time. When I spoke I quickly summarized my life as a porn producer, my surrender to God, the hell I went through when losing Belinda, and what God has done in my life lately.

Click here to listen.

2 thoughts on “Nathan and Donny at "The Stirring"

  1. A whole new meaning to “you’re getting around”. 😉

    It’s late, Im just seeing this so I will come back and listen tomorrow.


  2. i still get chills every time i hear your story

    thank you 🙂

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