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I'm Wearing It Anyway


This is Craig Gross wearing the shirt I mentioned in that last blog entry. He says I can’t wear it for my CNN interview tomorrow. 😦

Stephen, a xxxchurch intern that’s here in Illinois with us for tomorrow’s Porn and Pancakes event, says, “I don’t think it’s all that bad. The colors show up better in the light.”

I think Stephen’s patronizing me.

I’m thinking I’ll wear the shirt anyway.

(click photo to enlarge)

Added March 26th:

Yep, I wore it. Here we are on stage, speaking at “Porn & Pancakes” in Morton, IL. I like the shirt. I guess that makes sense, though, since i bought it.

17 thoughts on “I'm Wearing It Anyway

  1. two more things ….it is pierre cardin and large enough for the old donny plus one to fit in.

  2. Well, taste is relative, and I do not claim to have a lot of it. After all, my current preferences tend to run toward army surplus camo in as many variations as I can find. I sort of like the effect of wearing it with my Aussie outback hat with the bandana and the peace sign button on it.

    However, I have to agree with Craig. The shirt looks like a tablecloth. Perhaps something a bit more subdued for television?

  3. Good luck Donny. I havent seen you in this shirt yet, but this Craig person looks quite handsome in it, I am sure you will too. Also, maybe you can slip Anderson Cooper my number, is he married? ha ha.

  4. haha i think CRAIG should wear it on cnn. donny show him some style 😉

  5. This is a tough call. I honestly like the shirt, but it’s a shirt that sort of commands attention. The question is whether you want the viewers tuning in to say things like, “Hey Martha, get a load of this guy’s shirt,” as opposed to, “Hey Martha, come listen to what this guy is saying.”

    My advice would be to wear the shirt to the after-party, but for a TV appearance, I would recommend making sure there’s nothing drawing attention away from the importance of what you’re saying.

  6. I like it! But what do I know, my wife picks my clothes out also!

  7. oh sheesh now we need a fashion coordinator for the X3Team… what’s next?

  8. Don’t do it Donny!!! PLEASE!

    Just hand over the shirt and we’ll get you some help.

    Hell, I’ll by you a shirt!

    Go to Express… great shirts man…. Please!!!!

  9. Ok… the stip’s are:

    Long sleeve, vertical strips, with a good color, tucked in.

    Donny, this is CNN they will eat your lunch… Take one for the team man. 🙂

    (I’m just giving you a hard time bro)

  10. I WORE IT!

    And Craig made sure everyone in attendance knew about it, too. In case they didn’t notice.

  11. *Throw’s hands to the sky, looks up and screams:*


  12. Just a few moments after having lunch today, following Porn and Pancakes and all the media attention, Craig said,

    “I’m really glad you’re still losing a lot of weight. What that means is this shirt will soon be way too big for you and I’ll never have to see it again!”


  13. ..i must say that craig’s words are genius here…

    ..but in your defense..craig used to wear some pretty [hideous] pink pants..

  14. You guys are having way too much fun… someone needs to put a stop to it. lol

  15. I just added a pic of the two of us onstage, with me wearing the shirt. 🙂

  16. Donny,
    Promise me when you come to Fort Wayne you’ll wear the ugliest shirt you can dig up. You’ll fit right in with the locals.

    Hey man, can’t wait to see you. Let’s do dinner at a mexican joint with Craig the night before…is that part of your diet?

  17. Fugly says ugly is as ugly does.

    Don’t believe, check him out at

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