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I'd Like To See the Full Story


While in Fort Wayne, Indiana for Porn and Pancakes a few weeks ago the Indy Channel in Indianapolis interviewed me. I have no idea whether or not the full story will ever be available online, but take a look at the trailer:

Donny and XXXChurch on the Indy Channel – Click Here

Let me know what you think…

TIPS ON MAKING THE VIDEO WORK: I had a problem getting the video to work for a second. I ended up having to click the black area a few times, then clicking the play button after that. It finally worked.

By the way – this will be a very busy week: I’ll be speaking at a conference in Michigan on Thursday and Friday, then flying back here to speak at another Porn and Pancakes event (this time in Redding – my hometown). I love it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “I'd Like To See the Full Story

  1. May I have your autograph now, please?

  2. This is wonderful, Donny.
    I see the choices people make in life as having a “ripple effect,” and we never know how many lives we impact by our choices.
    Thank you for being so willing to speak out.

  3. Great story Donny. Nice to see you on camera, and hopefully this will give even more publicity for xxxchurch. You’re on the big screen now! Haha.


  4. Wow, you have a lot of cool stuff on this site. I’ll read it sometime.

    I wish “Porn and Pancakes” came to my town. I know a lot of people would benefit from going and I am one of them.

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