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Press Release from XXXChurch and Ron Jeremy

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I was asked to post this for all of you:


Difted Media Group
PO Box 150169
Grand Rapids, MI 49515


July 5, 2007: Porn star Ron Jeremy teams up with a puppet to help kids stay away from pornography. In an upcoming public service announcement, Ron Jeremy, who has appeared in over 1800 adult films says, “Pornography is for consenting adults, not kids! We don’t want kids to see our videos.”, the largest anti-pornography site on the Internet, produced the commercial. Founder and pastor of XXXchurch Craig Gross says, “If anyone knows that porn is not for kids, it would be Ron. Many in his industry speak out against this but very few do anything about the fact that porn is way to accessible to kids now a days. I am thankful Ron is willing to speak up and do something.”

The public service announcement features Pete the Porno Puppet who tells kids not to be involved with pornography. Jeremy is featured as himself urging Pete to stay away from porn.

This is not the first time XXXchurch has joined together with a member of the adult industry. In 2003, XXXchurch created the first Pete the Porno Puppet commercial with a well-known porn producer James Digiorgio, A.K.A ”Jimmy D” in Southern California.

Others in the adult industry have come forward with support for the cause. Author and adult industry Journalist Luke Ford says, “Just as parents should not leave a loaded gun around the house, so too they should make efforts to protect their children from pornography.”

The new Pete the Porno Puppet commercial runs one-minute long and is slated to air in selected markets on the East Coast later this summer.

Ron Jeremy and Pastor Gross agree on this issue, but have very strong disagreements with most issues relating to porn. The pair will hit the road in August for “The Porn Debate.” Jeremy, and Gross, will debate the issues of pornography over the course of 7 days travelling in the same bus from Chicago to New York starting August 5, 2007. The duo has been debating on college campuses for the past two years together. This tour will be the first of its kind taking them off the campus and into the clubs and theaters in seven different cites in seven nights. More information about the tour can be found at

For more information about the commercial, the tour or to speak with Craig Gross or Ron Jeremy please contact or call 616.588.5988. To download a high resolution version of the commercial visit:

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