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Grabbing Ron Jeremy's Butt… and Other Silliness


The podcast we recorded last Sunday while at Capital Christian Center is finally up on Click that link, then listen to Episode 107. Jason Harper discusses some of the silliness that happened on the recent Porn Debate tour. The Porn Debate is quite the interesting event: Craig Gross from XXXChurch debates Ron Jeremy, the biggest adult male porn star in the business, about the issue of pornography. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, turn out each night to listen. Jason Harper was the moderator for the recent Porn Debate tour.

On this podcast some of the funny things on that tour were discussed, amongst many other silly things.

I guess there’s a point. I’m not sure what it was. But it’s fun to listen to this podcast.

On the podcast you hear:
Jason Harper – One of the Pastors at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento
JR Mahon – one of the Pastors of
Donny Pauling – me, of course
Anonymous – Former well known Porn Star who prefers to remain anonymous for now… 6 months ago he became a Christian and left the business.

I love JR’s sarcasm. His personality really shines through.

Jason Harper and JR Mahon
Jason’s on the left, JR on the right. Shot with my iPhone while recording the Podcast.

PS: I just heard the end of the podcast as I’m writing this… it’s kinda cool that Jason echoed my voice – a statement I made during the podcast – as part of the out-tro. Thanks, Jason.

5 thoughts on “Grabbing Ron Jeremy's Butt… and Other Silliness

  1. Donny,

    Thanks for being a part. I loved having you here.

    Love from the “sub-cultural whore.”

    He is out of control.


  2. Donny I needed a lift this morning and that was great to listen to! Thanks for sharing!

  3. May I post a link? This is my brother’s blog-

  4. hi Donny. I’m happy for you that you had an incredible experience with God. thank God for His Mercy to all of us!
    Tom Skledany (steve)

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