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5 thoughts on “"That didn't even scratch the surface…"

  1. Donny, would Wendy consider writing something either here or on xxxchurch? I know this is your blog, and xxxchurch is your take on the industry, but her side of things would sure add a depth and dimension on the toll porn can take on an innocent bystander. Just a thought….

  2. I seriously doubt it. She’s welcome to do so at any time she wishes, I just don’t think it’ll happen.

  3. I’m just wondering… Are you guys actually trying to work toward remarriage in a long run? Are you just saying there are still many things to work through before getting to that point? Or, are you saying you are forgiven for what’s been done but the damages have already been done, wound is there to stay and you guys are just going to be good parents/friends without the possibility of reunion?

    Does she actually have the desire to be reunited with you at some point in the future? If that will never happen, how would she feel about you remarrying someone at some point? Or have you scratched that out as an option in a sense that it is a permanent consequence of the mistakes you’ve made and you just have to live with it for the rest of your life?

  4. You know, I agree with what Tina said. It really would, I think, help this subject of how much the toll of porn has cost you guys and probably many other couples by giving her side and what she went through. Just a thought.

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