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Hello God – I Can’t Sleep


I like talking to you without the formalities that some seem to think necessary. I realize you’re there when I wake up and have bad breath or when I cuss at some idiot who cuts me off in traffic (I realize the other driver is another one of your kids, God, but can’t they learn how to drive?).

I know you’re wise enough and know me well enough to realize I mean no disrespect to you when I just talk to you like I’m talking to a good friend. In fact, I really think you like that. It must get tiring listening to people’s attempts to pontificate, rather than just opening themselves up to you and having a conversation.

When you were down here on earth in the form of Jesus, I wonder if you experienced some of the heartache and frustrations we experience? I bet you did. I’m pretty positive you took human form completely, and weren’t just Deity inhabiting a human body. I think your stomach growled when you were hungry and your back itched so badly at times that you occasionally scratched it with a tree branch to get relief. I wonder if you felt some of the other emotions we feel, like romantic love. That’s a really odd thought. It kinda makes me feel weird to even consider it, like maybe that’s a bit disrespectful or something. Anyway, if you did you probably know how frustrating such things can be. And if you didn’t, you still probably understand.

Tonight I can’t sleep, so I’m talking to you. I just sent off that email/prayer a second ago where I told you some of the very personal, private things that have been on my mind tonight. I thought that would help me sleep, but no luck. So now I’m blogging to you. As I said in my email, I seem to get my ideas out best when I’m writing. I’m sure you know that about me, though, since you know me better than I know myself. Sometimes I forget how amazing it is to be able to have a real relationship with you.

I’m really glad I was able to fly to Ft. Myers today, God, because I got a chance to do a lot of reading while on the plane. I needed that, as I’m sure you know. You really speak to me when I read. Maybe it’s because my mind isn’t distracted by thoughts of “business” or by music or by ego or by Donny being Donny. Whatever it is, thanks for the conversations we had today on the plane.

There’s really no point in this prayer, God. I’m just rambling. Just wanting to have a conversation with you, I guess. And since JR’s plane was held up and I have the room to myself until he finally arrives, I’m not really keeping anyone awake by typing this to you. Except myself, of course. It’s just that right now it’s only 11:35 pm back home, and it’s 2:35 am here. I realize I have to be up in a little over 3 hours and maybe that’s part of the reason I can’t sleep: trying too hard.

Michelle told me that more than 1,100 tickets were sold tomorrow for tomorrow’s event. If I can get up in front of that many people with barely any sleep without puking that’s really going to be a miracle. That’s a lot of eyeballs, God. Help, please!

Hopefully JR is staying awake as he drives from his alternate flight to the hotel. Prompt him to pull over for some cheap convenience store coffee if he starts feeling tired, will ya? Maybe I should call him, since I’m awake anyway. Maybe that’s why I’m awake? Do you want me to call JR?

In that case I guess I’ll stop rambling for now. I’ll call JR, then if I still can’t sleep I’ll listen to whatever it is you want to say, if you want to say anything to me, that is…

Hopefully the readers of my blog won’t think I’ve lost all my marbles typing out prayers to you on my site. Ah, who cares if they do, right? You know me.

I love you and would like your help dealing with my part of tomorrow’s P&P event.

Thanks for being there,


6 thoughts on “Hello God – I Can’t Sleep

  1. man is this great writing!!!!!!!!!! I want to publish you and kiss you on the neck…….

  2. man is this great writing!!!!!!!!!! I want to publish you and kiss you on the neck…….

  3. Go Donny Go! You’re such an inspiration!

  4. Go Donny Go! You’re such an inspiration!

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