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What A Beautiful Mess I'm In


This morning I slept in until 8:11. At that precise time, Citi Financial Auto decided to call to let me know that my car payment is a little late. I was very happy to hear that.

Since I was now so rudely awakened, I plopped myself down in my favorite chair… favorite because it happens to sit directly in front of my beloved iMac. This morning my iMac was to play an instrumental part in messing up my entire demeanor. The calm, smiling Donny who was looking forward to getting out of the house and taking the hour drive to call on a client was soon to be transformed into a blubbering, snotty mess.

It all started when I noticed Julie the Artist and MT of X3 had both posted the following video on MySpace:

What a beautiful song for that video clip, don’t you think? But just a few moments into it and my eyes suddenly sprung a leak. I started sniffing a bit.

I shared the video with Wendy, my ex-wife. I can only assume Wendy decided to check out related videos, because a few moments later she found it in her heart to add to my snot levels by emailing me this, which had really moved her as a mother:

So now, my dear constant reader friends, I am a blubbering mess of tears and snot… and I can blame it all on the three women I mentioned.

Thanks a lot, girls.

(PS: Amazing love… Absolutely amazing…)

7 thoughts on “What A Beautiful Mess I'm In

  1. Those videos are excellent. They are certainly well done and evocative.

    – David

  2. LOL…..the video wrecked me yesterday…well, actually our beloved MT of X3 did first by leaving a rather lengthy, but very much appreciated comment on my latest myspace blog…my beloved husband (your Chuck Norris joke buddy) received a much needed & humbly ‘will you forgive me?’ for my attitude & not Christ like behavior towards him in the past 48 hours shortly aftewards…more tears & snot….then right before I was to walk out the door to go to my jobsight….I received news that the twins we were hoping to adopt were going to be adopted by the family that tried to get them a year ago :+(…that was emotional, but down deep I’ve got peace just being an intercessor for them & their new parents)….when I came home from finishing up the faux painting job & having an unexpected convesation with my client that she & her husband were trying to have babies for 2 yrs as well…i sat down @ my mac, opened up myspace & went to someone’s blog with another video that snotted me all up…in the process of trying to find the embedded code because I knew i had to put it on my myspace page under MY HEROS (which BTW is there now)…I find the one I sent you. I bawled & bawled & watched them repeatedly, especially when Steve got home…. I showed them to him. That is when I decided to leave them in all my top friends inboxes/comments. ;+) I figured you would & could appreciate it.

    oh….i just watched the one Wendy sent & I’m crying all over again. Sometimes being broken & leaky is right where I think God likes us to be. He is drawn to the brokenhearted & yes, amazing love….absolutely amazing love…our Jesus. :+)

    God bless Donny.

  3. :::Yep; I’m pretty much undone all over again.::: –Thanks ladies and gentleman–

    I shared with Wendy my testimony about how my son led me to the Lord when he was 7 years old.
    He means more to me than anything because the one thing that everyone said was a mistake (I was 15 when I got pregnant with him 24 years ago)turned out to be the one who led me to the ONE who saved my life. So yeah… watching the one Wendy sent TORE my heart to shreds.

    I love you all!

  4. I get that way thinking about the sequel.

  5. I was listening to a track the other day by Kutless and I thought of recutting this very film to that song. Now you’ve inspired me to do it. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll shoot you the link when it’s done.

  6. as soon as i saw the final shot of the passion, i said, “i can’t wait for the sequel”

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