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I Don’t Care Who You Are, That’s Nifty Right Thar…

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You’ve been with me on this journey since the beginning. You’ve faithfully read each rambling article. You’ve shaken your head in disbelief at some of the content that is written on these ePages. You’ve cringed at some of them, perhaps.

But today… oh today… today is different. Today I want to share a wealth of knowledge with you. Oh yes, it’s true!

NO, I’m not here to share some epiphany I’ve reached through much mindful contemplation (one must have a contemplative mind in order to reach such mindful epiphanies).

Nay! Today I take each and every one of you to the Ivy League! Yeeeeahhhhh, bay bee! Seriously, though… have you ever wished you could go to an Ivy League school? Even if it was just to sit in on a few classes?

Yesterday I found out I can do just that, and so can you… from iTunes. Jason Harper told me about iTunes University. Maybe I was the last person in the world to know about it, but I’m passing on that knowledge to you, dear Constant Readers, because just about whatever goes on in Donny’s brain explodes onto Donny’s Ramblings.

But you, my constant readers, already knew that, didn’t ya?

As I type this rambling I’m listening to concert recordings from Yale University‘s School of Music. As String Quartet #14 in D Minor, D 810, “Death and the Maiden” erupts from the built in speakers of my 17 inch MacBook Pro (speakers which are amazing for their size by the way) I can feel the intelligence tank inside of me begin to fill. It just may start to top off as I move along to lectures from the Assistant Professor of Social ethics from the Yale Divinity School, and might overflow should I decide to tune in to lectures from the University of Chicago Law School.

Wanna share in this source of knowledge? Open up iTunes, click on the iTunes Store, and search for “itunes u” or “itunes university”.

Thanks, Jason.

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