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10 thoughts on “"With all due respect Donny, U R cracked out on God"

  1. was it from our “friend” Furyan?
    How really sad that people attack you…keep doing the good work!

  2. I’ve been told that because of what I believe, I “live in the land of Unicorns and Magic Carpets.”

  3. For several years I was a prison guard. I saw literally hundreds of men who were “cracked out” , on one thing or another. Never in all those years did I experience anyone who was trully “cracked out on God,” placed in one of those tiny cells, due to their faith. True, many turned to God, AFTER. being incarcerated. So; if you are indeed; “cracked out on God” it’s alright with me. (Afterthought; somewhere in a book with a Chapter titled “ACTS” I seem to remember a few men imprisoned for being “cracked out on God”. But that was a long, long, time ago in another country) (Humor intended)

  4. Donny, you’re doing great work and speaking the truth…whenever I get the “you’re cracked out on God” thing from people I think of 2 Samuels 6:22 (well, actually the David Crowder song that uses the verse) – I will become even more undignified than this…..

    The context is the return of the ark to the city and David’s wife despising his joy and worship of the Lord over the event…

  5. I really like this and it sounds like a compliment to me!

  6. I assure you, it was I who made the comment, which I believe I had every right to do. It was not an attack at all, but a response to what I felt was a very condescending message to me, by Donny. I admire his personal growth and beliefs, however, I get overwhelmed by the pure tenacity and volume of Donnys comments, and to understand my comment, one would have to understand the dynamics of the relationship Donny and I have (as online chatting buddys.)

  7. Volume, Jo? How many message exchanges have we had in all of 2007? Two? Three?

    I still haven’t had a chance to read the newspaper article you wrote about me yet. Do you still have a copy of it or the paper it was published in? The title sounds intriguing. I wanna read it!

    If that last message exchange sounded condescending it was taken wrong. It wasn’t meant that way.

  8. Donny, I used the wrong word, I apologize..i meant the length of some of ur mssgs, although I must admit, I enjoy reading them, even when we irritate each other. It’s ok to be cracked out on God. Truce?

  9. Ah, I get it. Yes, I tend to be a bit wordy. I know, I know…. those of you who read my blog often are shocked by that revelation, no doubt. 😉 You are a journalist, and therefore need to keep words as concise as possible, no? One of the nice things about having my own site is that I have no limits on the amounts of words I can post in my columns.

    Truce? No need for one! I doubt you could ever offend me enough to need a truce. 🙂 You and I may irritate each other, but I think you’re nifty and nifty people are, well, nifty. 🙂

  10. Donny – I am so proud of you…you are a bigger (better) man (woman) than I…

    If they don’t like what you have to say, they don’t need to read it…but (big but there)…you must have something they don’t (like being cracked out on God) because they keep coming back for more of what you offer!

    And please…this was a “shout out” to Donny, not a “open invite” to shout at me.

    Keep up the awesome work Donny – you’re the bomb!

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