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Disappointed: Debate Postponed Due to "Breaking News"


I just received this email from the producer of Nightline:

Due to breaking news. It’s tentatively scheduled to air next Thursday 2/28/08. I hope you guys understand and thanks.

What the breaking news is, I don’t know. A “behind the scenes” preview of the show is online here and here (see videos on the right side of that second link).



4 thoughts on “Disappointed: Debate Postponed Due to "Breaking News"

  1. Ok; I found my cane and then I found the comment box. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I don’t have cable television… so I spend 3 hours with friends at their place so I can watch Nightline with them… finally the show comes on and I am grateful because the caffeine is wearing off and I am tired… (Im old) BOOM… we’re bumped for politics!

    The show will air next thursday the 28th.


  2. Yeah – they bumped you to talk about the non-story from the NYT about McCain not doing favors for some lobbyist. Yawn.

  3. ok… lol this is totally not related to the post you just made.. but what is with the tiny smileyface in the grey bar next to the blog-thing? (Made my day, lol!)

  4. Arenda,

    That’s part of the stat’s counter. ๐Ÿ™‚

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