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Nightline: Tonight's The Night!


The debate we filmed at Yale University is finally here! It airs tonight on Nightline ABC after the evening news. Check your TV guide for times (usually 11:35pm). My favorite “TV Guide” is the one on Yahoo:

Watch it. TiVo it. Tell all your friends, and half of your enemies.

Then come back tomorrow and tell me what you think!

4 thoughts on “Nightline: Tonight's The Night!

  1. FYI Donnie, the first 2 segments of the debate are online.

  2. Just happened to be watching Bill O’Reilly Thursday night and he interviewed Martin Bashir who talked about the debate at Yale. The main topic appeared to be the porn industry as a whole, but Mr. Bashir did say some interesting things about what was said by the ex-porn producer….

    Way to go, Donny!!

  3. I watched the whole thing on ABC’s Webcast. You made good points early and clearly you believe in your message about the damage done to the model’s lives. I think the debate was interesting as a whole, but without the benefit of knowing your personal struggle it seems more difficult for people to understand your points.

  4. After watching the debate at the Nightline website I wonder why a few points were not made more prominently by yourself or Craig.

    First ,when Ron Jeremy repeatedly sites old research the point should be raised that the research cited likely does not take into account the impact of the Internet and the availability of the quantity of porn and genres accessible- anonymously in homes and workplaces. I would argue that if research is being conducted presently it will demonstrate that porn frequently escalates to either more degrading porn or other behaviors. It would also evidence the damage caused to relationships.

    Second, when the comparison to porn and alcohol is made it should be noted that our culture, while still having alcohol everywhere, also acknowledges the harm that it can cause. The current view of porn seems to be that it is harmless fun.
    So, while the point is made that it is people’s underlying issues that actually causes them to become addicted to porn, we seldomly hear that this is even a possibility. Why is it that we can accept that the alcohol industry has some responsible in the use of their product (ie.the drink responsibly campaigns) yet the porn industry has no accountability?

    Is there current research being funded?

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