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Greg Boyd's Blog: I Appreciated This Entry


The author of Letters from a Skeptic (a book I HIGHLY recommend), Greg Boyd is a former atheist who surrendered his life to Christ in 1974. He graduated with honors from Yale Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary. Greg was a professor of theology for 16 years at Bethel University and is the founder and senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church, an evangelical megachurch in St. Paul, MN.

I just finished reading his latest blog entry, where he contemplates the issue of a violent God in the Old Testament vs the loving God shown in Jesus in the New Testament. Great reading!

Click Here To Read It For Yourself

9 thoughts on “Greg Boyd's Blog: I Appreciated This Entry

  1. Greg Boyd is an interesting thinker. Check out the whole controversy about open theism he was involved in with the Evangelical Theological Society. I am sure you can access their journal via EbscoHost at your school or you can go to A key search term would be open theism or the author Bruce Ware.

    Personally I found Letter’s to a Skeptic to be helpful. But there are better books out that deal specifically with the problem of evil. This to me appears to be one of Boyd’s big hang-ups (hence the whole open theism controversy).

    I think C.S. Lewis is a much better thinker (albeit not contemporarized / post modern as Boyd).

    Concerning his post – and this is a topic you have to think about, but I believe he creates a false juxtaposition to strengthen his arguments (which is akin to spoiling the well; a straw man; red herring form of argument).

    But, I’d carefully think through his hermeneutical conclusions. Better yet balance his arguments from other scholars from Blomberg, F.F. Bruce, or D.A. Carson.

    Just because a person claims to be post modern or to have thrown off the trappings of modernity doesn’t mean they have a leg up on those that still believe in objective truth.

  2. gregory boyd rocks. i heard good things about his latest book, the jesus legend, too.

  3. Couldn’t agree bro. Boyd’s blog is great – and he is a really great guy. I used to visit friends at Bethel all the time and every time I was there, I would sit in on Greg’s classes and talk to him afterwards. A good friend of mine is also the chairman of his elder board at Woodland Hills. He is a great guy with a big heart…..and even bigger brain! Seriously, who graduates with honors from Yale Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary?!

    In response to Michael’s comments, I agree that it is wise to balance Boyd’s thoughts with those of more conservative theologies. However, I don’t agree that Boyd manipulates arguments to bolster his position(s).

    One of the things I have always appreciated about Greg is that he always turns his audience to scripture. I have continually heard him say over the years, “Hey, this just what I think after wrestling with the scriptures; and I could be completely wrong! So don’t just side with me, or John Piper, or _____, you need to get in the scriptures yourself and draw your own conclusions from it…”

  4. his book, The Myth of a Christian Nation, was excellent

  5. In Greg’s book “…Skeptic” he talks about how God can’t possibly know the future because He’s given us free will and how could He know what we’re going to choose.

    He’s stating that God can’t be “all knowing”. This flies directly in the face of Psalm 139 (among other scriptures) where it says, in verse 4, “Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD.” and then in verse 16, “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

    Were these an oversight on Greg’s part? If so, his credentials aren’t as impressive as they sound.

    Were these incorrect statements intentional? If so, he’s a liar and heretic.

    Was he trying to make a point by twisting something that wasn’t exactly a staple of the Christian faith? If so, he failed miserably! God’s Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience are vital to who He is.

    How could God predict EXACTLY how His Son would be tried, crucified, buried and resurrected (in dozens of OT scriptures) if He couldn’t KNOW the choices each person involved (Pilate, soldiers, etc.) would make? Answer…He COULDN’T! Which tells me that God, with a MUCH bigger brain than you and I, has, somehow, given us free will, yet still KNOWS what we’re going to choose.

    Greg Boyd is a good man from everything I’ve read and makes SOME great points in SOME of his writings, but, as with everything you take in, compare it to God’s Word lest you be led astray and not even know it.

    Just sayin’. Always in love…..I hope anyway.

  6. That book saved my life. Not to mention that is was a text book for my bible study class.

  7. greg boyd…dint we talk about him awhile back? awesome you are reading him…

  8. Ken,

    You are right. Boyd does talk about the scope of God’s knowledge and how it relates to future. For example, He has written a book where he devoted full attention on God’s relationship and knowledge of the future. It is called “God of the Possible,” yet takes extra time out and clarifies more than once that he is not saying “God can’t be all knowing.” Instead, he empatically affirms the God is Omniscient. It is the nature and extent of the future that is questioned as to whether or not it “is there” or available for God to know. To be honest, he also agrees with you that God’s Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence are vital to who God is.

    Concerning the verses (4 &16) in Psalm 139, no… these were not “oversighted” or overlooked by Boyd. He is aware of them, and I think he even touches on them in God of the Possible. Yet I know he touches on them in an article he wrote on his website. Go here to read it (Donnie, could you please isert the link here).

    So, no need to question his credtials–they are actually astounding. I mean, Yale and Princeton for Christ’s sake. His statements were intentional, but, they are merely questioned and are up for debate/discussion. Hence, no need to call him a liar or a heretic.

    I assure you, that if you actually read all he has written on this subject and indeed try to first understand his views, you’ll see that he is not “twisting” anything. My guess is that If you were to ask him if he is really twisting something, he’d say that it would be the ugly view of “classical” view of God that he claims comes from Greek Philosophy and not the Bible. Be looking for his book “The Myth of the Blueprint” which should be out no later than 2012. You can read his note about this book here [Donny, could you please insert the link here).

    In Love,

  9. Troy,

    Thanks for the links from Boyd on the Psalms. I wanted to know how Psalms 139, specifically, works with open theism in his mind. I didnt even know this had a ‘term’. I was shown this perspective as ‘God knows everything that can be known’.

    I also hear this makes God stupid or less powerful. But I dont see anyone with this view saying that. To the contrary, I see them saying (and I believe) God is omniscient and it portrays him as more powerful.


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