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April Fool's Day: What Pranks Did YOU Pull?


Here’s what I did…


My first prank began with an email I received from my son’s mother. She wanted to know if I’d bring copies of the photos I’d recently taken of our boy out by the river. They were great photos, if I do say so myself.

All morning I’d been wondering what to do to her for April Fool’s day. This was my chance.

I replied, “They were all accidentally deleted.”

“That’s lovely,” she responded.

To which I finally answered, “It is also April 1st and I’ve been wondering what my April Fools joke on you would be. Thanks for the opportunity. Yes, you can have the pics. ”


TO THE REALTOR (and my mom)

The guy I pay my rent to every month is a local Realtor. He’s a pretty good guy and knows my “story”. When I dropped off my rent check on his desk I called his voicemail and told him it was there. I also told him it would be the last rent check he’d receive from me. I asked him to give me a call back because I’d come into some money and wanted to talk about this great house on the outskirts of town I’d seen a few days ago while out walking.

When he returned my call I told him that the company who purchased my porn sites a few years back had done so in payments. I explained that I’d received the last payment today and wanted to buy the house I’d mentioned to him. Prior to the crash of the housing market, the property in question was priced at a little over a million dollars. It has now been reduced to $700k. I asked if he thought we could talk them down another $50k ’cause if so I could buy it for cash. He then explained to me that it would be a much wiser decision to purchase a less expensive house for myself and then buy a few fixer-uppers as rental properties. We talked for quite awhile, discussing property tax rates and various other things.

Finally I told him, “I didn’t expect to receive this check until the middle of the year, in June or July. But today’s April Fool’s day and it arrived early.” With that, he knew he’d been had! We both had a good laugh over it (and for the record, no such payments are ever going to be made – the sites were paid for in full when I sold them nearly a year before surrendering my life to God).

I repeated a very similar conversation with my mom. She fell for it too.


I’d like to hear your stories, too. What did you do? Who’d you trick? What was their reaction? Comment away!

12 thoughts on “April Fool's Day: What Pranks Did YOU Pull?

  1. my 9 year old sister told my mom that she started her period! haha!!!! my mom just about had a heart attack!

    my manager told me and several coworkers to “call in sick” tonight so that shift lead would freak out. haha!

  2. Told my husband that I regretted getting my tubes tied (after triplets and then a singleton) and that I wanted to think about having another baby. He totally fell for it. I told him we could name the baby April Fool.

  3. OK, Donny, I’m back to rain on your parade again…

    Call me an ole fuddy, duddy if you like, but I think April Fool’s Day is another excuse to give into our inner mess called “liar.” Even in fun, it’s not very “funny” to those on the other end of the joke! It also puts the receivers off kilter to wonder just how truthful you are and how much should they believe what you say. As a parent and a gramma, I just can’t do it! It’s tough enough to get our children to believe us and to teach them to be truthful.

    Like I said, I’m just an ole fuddy, duddy….and I’m not sorry to be one… a little dull, maybe….

  4. Jean,

    I doubt anyone will wonder about the truthfulness of a person pulling a prank on April Fool’s day. If someone did indeed feel that way it would probably be because of a lack of knowledge about the tradition of the day.

    I respect your decision to stay away from such things, however.


    – D –

  5. I frosted a large round sponge with chocolate frosting and called it a home-made “sponge cake”…. The trick was to pre frost cut pieces so no one would know. It’s pretty cool to see them pull away….

  6. Oh yeah… a great way to feed your ‘inner liar’ and the “inner liar” of others. *winks a friendly wink*

  7. i’m lame… and did nothing.

    the only thing i could think of WOULDN’T have been funny to most parties involved… lol. so I refrained =]

  8. I totally forgot about it. A friend of mine told her boyfriend that she was pregnant though… With twins! I The worst part is… they are celibate!!! Ha, ha.

  9. @ Van…
    you mean “the best part is”…


  10. MT, if they’re celibate, yet she’s pregnant I think I’d agree with Van that it would be one of the WORST things her boyfriend has heard in awhile…

  11. I received an email supposedly from my boss, saying my computer activity had been tracked and that if any more personal emails were sent while at work I would be fired!
    The prank was pulled by my daughter!

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