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How much pain and trouble is caused because we misinterpret what people say and do to us?

It’s our ego-centric nature to think the worst and to take everything personally. It’s not in our nature to think, I wonder what’s going on for him right now? What pain inside caused him to do or say that?

When we take the actions of other people personally, this is our ego speaking, telling us that we are the center of the universe, that everything that happens in our lives revolves around us. Our ego is the veil separating us from the true, spiritual, 99% reality.

Today, know that the more you tame your ego-centric thinking, the more you don’t take it personally, the more connected (ie. happier) you will be.

– Yehuda Berg

That’s a good word right there!

2 thoughts on “Great Advice

  1. true story!

  2. true story!

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