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It's a Great Day to Be Alive – A Photo Essay


Cross posted to my Photo Blog.  Click any photo to enlarge (I highly recommend it).  See the full set of 92 photos here.

Highway 70 to Quincy

Calling on a client in Quincy, California is one of life’s pleasures. The drive up Highway 70 is good for the soul. Too bad John had other plans. He’d enjoy this, and his Nikon D70 would do a helluva lot better job than the Casio Ex-Z77 pocket camera shooting these pics. For that matter, so would David‘s Nikon D3. He’d never part with it, of course, and the odds of getting him to ride along on this drive are nearly as bleak as the odds of getting him to vote for Barack Hussein Obama. He’s set in his ways, that one.  Gotta love ‘im. Hope business is wall-to-wall down at California Technologies today.

This is beautiful!  Slow down!  Take it in! Stop and take a few shots!

Don’t think blogging this will wait. Gotta hit up Pangaea as soon as business at the auto center is finished.  A dark beer and one or three of their sushi rolls will hit the spot.

Highway 70 to Quincy

Arm out the window for a quick shot while moving. Will it turn out? The preview seems to indicate a decent shot, especially considering the camera and the fact that the car is moving. Nifty! Wonder how it’ll turn out if repeated in the upcoming tunnel…

Those two trucks will ruin the shot! Why do they have to move so slow? Sure, decelerating would allow them to get ahead enough to not be an obstacle. But then again, perhaps having them in the shot will make it more “real”. Ya never know. No other options at the moment, anyway. Just try it.

Highway 70 to Quincy

Hey, that’s kinda cool. What a nifty look!

Gotta catch that train up there on the tracks. Wouldn’t it be a cool shot to get it coming around a bend or something? It’s not moving all that fast…. probably easy to get ahead of it enough to set up a good shot. Gotta keep eyes peeled for the perfect place. This’ll make a good blog entry.

Smell that air! Mountain air! Yum! Breathe deep.

Norah Jones… perfect mood music! Gotta love it.

Highway 70 to Quincy

Almost caught up with that train! The spot above that trestle would’ve been perfect. Remember sitting there with Aaron Matthews a few years ago, waiting for a train to pass? Good stuff, mang! Good stuff!

Michael Bublé coming through the car’s stereo from the iPhone… Dunno if this drive can get any better! Being self-employed ROCKS! Gotta love the capability of setting one’s own time schedule! TRULY blessed! Many are punching a clock right now! This is MUCH better.

Missed that waterfall to try getting ahead of that train. It’ll be too dark to catch it on the way back. Oh well, maybe next time. Maybe John and Chantel can come along. Three pairs of eyes are definitely better than one.

Highway 70 to Quincy

Hey, I bet a shot facing the middle of that bridge would look cool. The train might get ahead a bit. Oh well, it appears to be slowing down as it climbs the grade. Should be easy to get ahead before Quincy. Stop for the pic or not? Do it! Do it!

Aerosmith… not as mellow as Norah Jones or Michael Bublé, but seems to fit for some reason. Turn it up, turn it up!

“Tell me what it takes to let you gooooooo!! Eeewwww whooooooooo! Tell me how the PAIN’S supposed to goooooo! Tell me how it is that you can sleeeeep… in the niiiight… without thinkin’ you’ve lost everything that was good in your life to the toss of the diiiiiiiiice!”


Highway 70 to Quincy

Kim Walker following Aerosmith? What a change of pace! Classic Rock followed by Christian worship… gotta love having the iPhone’s iPod on “shuffle”. That girl’s probably one of the most talented, amazing, under-discovered voices in this country. Chills go up the spine just listening to her voice. YAY JESUS!

Belden town bridge… gotta stop for that one, too. Probably WAY ahead of the train anyway. Got a spot in mind to stop to photograph it rounding a bend… probably the only feasible place before Quincy anyway.

Highway 70 to Quincy

This will work out well! Probably have a good 5 to 7 minutes before the train gets here. Driving fast enough to get ahead of it undoubtedly cost a few great shots. Grrr…

Antsy. Camera in hand. Gotta PHOTOGRAPH something. Anything. That sign… it’ll do. Take a look at all the colors down along the Feather River. A few shots of the river’ll do, too. It’s a great day to be alive!

Travis Tritt says so, too. Wonder if he’ll ever release anything new…

Highway 70 to Quincy

The colors, they are a changin’! Feather River canyon rocks! Oh, yeah, it all happened by accident! No intelligence involved whatsoever! Yeah, THAT’S the ticket!

God, how can ANYONE believe that crap? I don’t get it. Can it be made ANY MORE CLEAR? Some people sure are clueless…

…but back to the task at hand…

Gotta get set up for the train. Wonder how many shots will be possible before it passes.

Highway 70 to Quincy

Here it comes… here it comes… wow, it’s loud, even before it comes into sight!

There it is! Doubt this little pocket camera will do it justice. Worth the shot anyway, though. Trains are so cool! Listen to the screech of the wheels against the tracks! Feel the ground shake! What an awesome amount of power!

John’s gonna be jealous. David too… but he’ll pretend not to be.

Highway 70 to Quincy

Got the train! The first two pics were a bit small. The third one’s not all that impressive either. Oh, well. On to Quincy!

Band of Horses… so glad El Clinto and Brandon recommended them. Love love love their sound!

Ha! Interesting to hear Death Cab for Cutie follow Band of Horses. Wasn’t it “12clicks” that first brought that band to mind? Pretty sure that’s the case. Ron… what an egotistical fella! You can take the man outta the trailer park, but you can’t… ah, nevermind… that’s just not nice!

Highway 70 to Quincy

Tracks merge. Cool place to take another shot! Still on track to get to Quincy with plenty of time, too.

Take a few shots here. Zoom in a bit for a few. Zoom out and get the top of the mountain in the pic. Which one’ll make the blog?

Ah, just upload ’em all and let visitors click through to see the entire gallery if they want.

Stop before Quincy to photograph that one little resort. Remember its name? Doesn’t matter. Quaint little place. Not sure if these pics will make the blog post or not. Regardless, they’ll be on Flickr for posterity.

Turn off the tunes for the last few minutes into Quincy. Silence is golden. Pics of the park? Nah… memories of that place shouldn’t ruin this drive. Get business done and get on to Pangaea for dinner and a beer.

@ Pangaea, Quincy, CA

Ah, dark, smokey Stone hits the spot! Not bad sushi, either. MMMmmm. Now, let’s get these pics uploaded and write a blog entry….

Hey waitress… one more salmon roll, please!

$48.22, dinner for one… well worth it, and a perfect way to cap a day like today. Now for a quiet drive home…

9 thoughts on “It's a Great Day to Be Alive – A Photo Essay

  1. I LOVE the way you wrote this Donny! I was right there with you, seeing the sights, wondering how the shot was going to turn out, hearing the music.

    thank you for sharing. yes, jealous. just a little bit.

  2. Nice!!!

    I heard Steven Tyler’s voice today also, in the Blockbuster down the street tonight while I was looking for a video to rent for “date” night (finally decided on Spiderman 3). I always sigh when I hear Tyler’s voice. Memories. And he just has a very unique sound, I guess. LOVE the way music was a big part of this blog.

  3. Oh…probably not the place to post this comment, but since I’m here: the bathrobe thing was seriously laugh out loud funny. Very cute.

  4. How far away is Qunicy? Nice pics and travelogue… If the auto thing doesn’t work out, you can always be a travel writer!

  5. I miss that drive, I grew up in Susanville, Quincy was close to home. Some of the most beautiful country in the US around there.

  6. Donny,

    That was a very pleasant way to begin the day. Thank you for the journey.

    – David

  7. Got a bit of the fall colors, didn’t you? Very nice.

  8. Bill,

    From Redding it’s about 145 miles to Quincy. From here I go through Chico, cut over to Highway 70 somewhere around the Butte College area, and head through the canyon in the pics. It’s a beautiful drive!

  9. Found an earlier pic of the same stretch of road….

    Check it out.

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