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Along with XXXChurch, I'm Supposed to Be On Nightline Tonight



I must have jinxed things with that who “so far no bump…” thing, because I received this email, which was sent to Craig Gross by Martin Bashir himself:

“They want to run the story on Dec 4th. Exec Prod. loves it but wants it for finale of dancing with stars.”

Last weekend I flew to Las Vegas to participate in a vision night with XXXChurch.  In the very near future, X3 plans to open Strip Church right on the ‘Vegas strip, and their vision is so unique Nightline wants to tell the world about it.

If you remember, the last time I was to appear on Nightline ABC we were bumped a few times by news from Hilary Clinton’s campaign.  So far today, nothing has bumped this segment that I know of. I’m not really sure how much footage they’ll use of me, but that’s really not very important… the vision of this new endeavor is what the world needs to see!

So.. tonight, turn on Nightline ABC and check it out!  Yahoo has your local television listings here.

7 thoughts on “Along with XXXChurch, I'm Supposed to Be On Nightline Tonight

  1. Very cool! I’ll set it to Tivo on Dec. 4th.

  2. I will mark my calendar!

  3. what on earth is a strip church?

  4. yeah no doubt, what is it?

  5. A church on the strip…..

  6. To find out what “Strip Church” is, watch this:

  7. wow I saw you on 20/20 ,would like to know more .will pray that you will be used of God to reach the masses.It’s time for christians to stand up fearlessly for Jesus Christ .
    Bernice w

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