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This Might Be a Mistake – We’ll See

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An email I just sent out to every person in my contact list:

First of all, please know that I’m sending this email as a blind carbon copy to absolutely every email address in my google contacts. I probably should have sorted them out, ’cause of the hundreds and hundreds of email addresses, I’m sure some of you don’t talk to me anymore. If that’s the case, allow me to apologize in advance for my laziness in hitting “select all” for the bcc field.

Here’s why I’m emailing you:

Bowlfest is an annual fund raiser for a group I love called “Fireproof Ministries”… their best known ministry is called I usually don’t participate in fund raisers because I absolutely hate raising sponsors. I agreed to do so this year, however and am down to the wire now (I have a matter of a few days before all sponsor info is due to be turned in). Here is a page with the details of what I’m trying to do and WHY I’m putting down my ego (seriously, this part is very hard for me) and asking for sponsors:

I’ve committed to raising $2,500 for Fireproof. I still need to raise another $1,750 – you can see how badly I’ve sucked at reaching my goal – hee hee. I’m asking for sponsors from:

-Pastors of churches where I’ve spoken to see if their church or men’s group will consider being a sponsor.
-Business owners.
-Friends and family.

If you fit the bill and are wiling to sponsor me, please let me know. You can do so on the page I linked to, or you can reply to me and have Fireproof send a sponsor sheet. Again, I’m sending this to hundreds of you at once so please don’t feel singled out or obligated. And, again, you can read more info here:

Thanks, guys! This is very important to me and I appreciate your consideration.

– Donny –

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