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How My Head Ended Up Cue-Ball Bald


Yesterday I bought a beard trimmer. My face was really scruffy and I wanted it neatly trimmed.

Today I used the beard trimmer. I was impressed. It’s a nice one with nifty features.

I decided to use the beard trimmer to cut my hair. This turned out to be a mistake. In hindsight, I suppose the word “beard” in beard trimmer should have tipped me off. If it was meant for heads I suppose it would be called “head trimmer”.

After using the not-head-trimmer on my dome, my hair was very unevenly cut. I could have showered, put on a hat and headed to Supercuts for all to be made well.

But thats what sane people would do.

Instead, I got out the razor and shave gel.

(ps: the scruffy face had to be shaved to match…it was just the right thing to do)

6 thoughts on “How My Head Ended Up Cue-Ball Bald

  1. Heck yeah…welcome to the club!

  2. hahahahahahahaha! Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Thanks for answering the age-old question for me: “Can I use a beard-trimmer on my head?” Now I know. Gracias.

  4. Heck yeah…welcome to the club!

  5. Hi Donny. Just listened to your talk in Halifax. I was the guy that asked you the only question from the audience. “What do you do now?” I want to send you a book I wrote. (No, it’s not porn.) It is about Planet Earth quantum-leaping into the future — (Comet Strike — the Evolution of a SuperWorld) a world with a functioning “SuperHub” and a “United Global Space Force”. I’m sure you would like it. When you get this message, just email me and I’ll send you a copy. Or you can check out the “SuperPackage” any time you want at  Did you ever stop to realize that, as we all go about our daily walks of life, there is a comet coming with our name on it and the technology to do something about the problem is sitting idle on the shelf? (Extinction, like the dinosaurs!!! Is that what we are heading towards?) No: We just build ourselves a “Comet Shield”. We’ll get our SuperBuddy, Bill Gates, to spark off the SuperHub and we’ll be well on our way to superworlds status…

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