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Reflections On Recent School Violence: We ALL Must Change

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Kicking God out of our schools is NOT entirely responsible for violence such as the recent shooting. Violence has existed long, long before we escorted God out. Having God in schools didn’t stop Charles Whitman in 1966 or the Bath, Michigan school bombing of 1927 that left 44 dead. Let’s be real about it – it’s far too trite for those of us who call ourselves Christian to imply that simply bringing God back into schools would result in the changes we desire.

Because that’s simply not true.

But saying so makes us feel self-righteous. We’re already “in the choir” of those who think God does indeed belong in school.  We pat ourselves on the back as being right all along.  We know current political conditions mean God won’t be making a comeback in school in the near future, so it’s easy for us to say these things.  This requires no change on our part.

I’m not saying bringing God back WON’T change anything.  But it is only one significant part of an entire package. Other factors include children who come home to empty houses, because both parents feel the need to work outside the home in order to buy shiny things that really don’t matter. Violent video games, with their realistic graphics, which I myself allow my son to play, cannot help. Violent movies, which I enjoy watching, cannot help. The fact that much of what is on television cannot be watched if a toddler is in the room, cannot help. I admit, I am bored by the TV shows I used to find entertaining years ago. They are too “tame” for me now.  The list of factors that contribute to fallen men acting like fallen men is quite long.

How many of us really want to give things up to make the world a better place? My guess: not many. We’ll say, “Nah, it’s not the video games, it’s the heart. It’s not the movies, it’s the heart. It’s not the…” But who are we really kidding? All of those things, combined, are slowly changing our hearts.

The eternal Light is opposed by Darkness. That Darkness isn’t in a hurry. Change can come over us slowly.  The Darkness watches us become more apathetic as the years pass, leading us to decide we don’t need the morals and principles our grandparents tried to live by, and it whispers, “Winning!”

Those of us who oppose gun control rightly say, as I’ve personally said many times in the last few days, “It’s not the tool used, it’s the heart!”  But then we smugly go about our day thinking we’re not involved in the long list of things that need to be adjusted to make hearts change.

We are wrong.

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