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My First Flight in a Powered Paraglider (PPG)

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More than 10 years ago, I took a short flight in a Powered Parachute, which is a bit different than a Powered Paraglider.  At the time, friends of mine wanted me to purchased the ‘chute so they’d get a discount on a purchase of their own.  I didn’t do it.

Today (since it’s now 2:42am PST on Friday I guess it was technically yesterday), Dave Jewell from Blue Sky Powered Paragliding took me for my first flight in a PPG.  The video footage can be seen here – and I’d recommend watching this entire 7 minute clip, because some cool things happen (like flying right beside birds, popping up over the top of fishermen and scaring off a fox that was after a raccoon dinner):

For $60.00, Dave takes you up for a 20 minute flight.  My flight lasted a total of 30 minutes, however.  It was a blast!

20 minutes might not sound like enough time, but I’d have to say, the flight I took was just right.  I was ready to land.  Most of Dave’s customers are from outside this area, typically ranging from Sacramento to Chico, California.  In my opinion, it’s worth the drive from anywhere in Northern California to experience this.  If you live between Redding and Sacramento, I suggest giving Dave a call!  A flight like this also makes an excellent gift!

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