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Dear Apple,

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Before reading this email, please know this: I’m still a fanboi (well, in theory anyway). I love Apple and I want Apple to come up with absolutely amazing products that make me want to spend money I definitely shouldn’t spend. I’m typing this from a MacBook Air, and at this point I cannot fathom using a computer made by any other manufacturer.

But a few months before the iPhone 5s came out, I switched my iPhone 4 for a Samsung Galaxy S4. I did this, quite honestly, so that I’d be able to shut up my friend Benjamin Huxley, who constantly, endlessly, repetitively drones on and on and on and on about how Android is better than anything offered by Apple. I wanted to be able to tell him, from experience, that he’s full of it. My thoughts were this: I’ll use the S4 for a few months, then Apple will come out with something amazing, I’ll switch back, then Jason Huxley and I will make fun of Ben about how he’s been smoking something crazy and needs to come back to the reality that Apple just rocks harder than anyone else.

Here’s the problem: I got used to the big screen of the S4. I grew to love the camera – it’s really quite good. I got used to having a bigger phone in hand. I absolutely LOVE the ability to expand the memory of the phone by simply sliding in a card. Reading books on it is very nice. I haven’t had a problem finding apps to do the things I wish to do, and to do them well. And the kicker? Having my gmail account entered into the phone means that nearly every app syncs with my computer, my newly acquired Nexus tablet, and even my iPad, automatically and – can you believe this? – I’m not charged a yearly fee for it!

I have to make an admission: when I pick up the iPhones of my cousins Bethany or Catie, the screen seems tiny, and I can’t help but think the iPhone is a trainer phone until children grow into their big boy (or big girl) phone. The screen… I love the extra room so much that, instead of switching back to an iPhone, I’m starting to covet the Galaxy Note 3, with an even BIGGER screen. I almost drool when imagining how awesome it would be to read on that monster. Oh man.

If you’d like my business back, and I’m still very willing to give it to you, and even pay more to do so, please stop charging a yearly fee for decent amounts of memory in iCloud, please make available a far bigger screen, and for the love of biscuits, please allow me to expand my memory at will.

Until then, I faithfully remain a user of Apple computers, but not Apple mobile phones,

Donny Pauling

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