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On Catholicism and Me

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When I first started being asked to speak for them, a man I greatly respect told me that the Catholic Church is the largest mission field in the world. He said a large percentage of Catholics don’t comprehend that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. Honestly, my Catholic friends, I quickly discovered that he’s RIGHT.

At a recent RCIA meeting, we were discussing what prayer means to us. I shared that I talk to Jesus as if he’s sitting in the chair right beside me. A DEACON in the church said, “Thanks for the reminder that we can have such a personal relationship with Jesus.” Folks, that’s a deacon. He’s as close to being a priest as a married man can get.

I feel very called to get involved, become a priest if that’s what God wills, and tell as many Catholics as I can that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. The church does so many beautiful things for God, yet SO MANY are missing out on something they need to know.

When I spoke of this to a few of the priests I’ve met, who’ve had me in to speak, they’ve not argued at all, but rather agreed! One such priest told me, “Both I, and the Pope, would agree [that more Catholics need to realize they can have a personal relationship with Jesus].” I have been challenged by these priests: I can stand outside and criticize them, or enter in and help!

So… that’s it. That’s a huge motivation for me.  There are plenty of other reasons, which I’ll share over time, but that’s a biggie.  I don’t feel a draw to be a pastor in the protestant church and never have, but for some reason i strongly desire to be a Catholic priest. The church Jesus founded needs more people WORKING, rather than criticizing it.

One thought on “On Catholicism and Me

  1. The encouragement is really rather refreshing. I think instead of criticizing and bashing a part of the body of Christ, we should be working together to grow closer to Him. Thank you for your post. I’ll be working on spreading this great truth also.

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