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A Walk to Remember

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My “Walk to Remember” was intended to be a bike ride.


As I’ve mentioned before – many times – I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, going from 300 lbs down to 170-something:

Donny Pauling - Before and After Pic

The “before” and “after” pic. I went from 300 lbs to 170-something pounds.

For the most part, I lost the weight by walking and jogging.  Today, I decided to also incorporate biking into my exercise regime.  I intended to ride my bike along a 19 mile section of the Sacramento River trail, between Caldwell Park and Shasta Dam.

The first 11.2 miles were great.  There were challenges, for sure, but I was up for them, and it made me proud to be able to climb Heartrate Hill, which is a notoriously challenging climb.

Other climbs were nearly as difficult, especially after I’d been riding for awhile.  I decided not to hurry.  I wanted to stop and enjoy the scenery, and to take photos.



Along the Sacramento Trail, between Keswick Dam and Shasta Dam

Here’s where things changed:


I took that screenshot right after my tire went flat:


I was already 11.2 miles into the ride and in the middle of nowhere. At the least, I faced a 9 mile walk to Shasta Dam, or I could go back 11.2 miles along the path I’d already traveled.

I decided I still wanted to reach Shasta Dam, even though I now had to walk and push a bike along.

The views made it all worth it.











After 9 miles, pushing a bike along the Sacramento River Trail and up the steep road to the top of Shasta Dam, I finally made it to Shasta Lake City, where I caught a bus home.


Between the Bike Ride and the walking, I put in 20.45 miles today, and burned more than 1,500 calories.



One thought on “A Walk to Remember

  1. Incredible photos!! Sorry about the flat but seriously beautiful place for it happen!

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