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Breakthrough With Rod Parsley

For those of you wanting to read the next chapter in my interview with Ted Haggard, do not despair! I promise, it will get here. The reasons I haven’t yet released it are rather boring, but there ARE reasons. Just stick with me for a few…  it’ll be worth the wait.

Today I’d like to share some TV footage with you. If you watch TBN, you’ve undoubtedly seen Breakthrough with Rod Parsley, as I’ve been told it’s one of their top three programs.  In April of this year, I received an email asking if I would be interested in appearing on the show.  At the time, I’d never heard of Pastor Parsley, so I searched Google for information about him and the show.  What I found from that search led me to believe that Rod is very… hmm, how do I describe this… “televangelist”, and to be honest, some of the things I found reminded me of my childhood and could easily have turned my stomach, but I chose to look for positives.  And there were plenty of positives to be found once I landed in Columbus, Ohio to meet with his staff and begin filming.  Positives such as this morsel:  did you know that Rod Parsley’s World Harvest Church has a team that attempts to be amongst the first on scene helping when natural disasters strike?  Tidbits like that ensured my heart remained soft towards Rod’s ministry.

Rod Parsey's "Breakthrough" Studio

Rod Parsey's "Breakthrough" Studio

Besides… the people there treated me like an absolute KING.  I was put up in a decent hotel room, had an “attendant” that anticipated my every need, and didn’t meet an unfriendly person during my entire stay.  The experience was beautiful!

But I had to wear a suit 😦 (which I found, still brand new, for $7 at a Salvation Army thrift store – Yes, I said SEVEN DOLLARS)!  Fortunately they didn’t require a tie.

Although we’d only planned to film one show (actually, half of one show – the other half to be shared with another guest), upon discussions with Rod and his staff I was asked if I’d come back the next morning for another filming.  They felt there was so much that needed to be shared, the original time allotted just wasn’t going to be enough.

In the first show, after Rod Parsley’s opening segment he and I speak for awhile, then the second half of the show is spent talking with Pat Trueman, former Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division, U. S. Department of Justice – a man who used to argue in front of the Supreme Court.  He speaks about how there are anti-porn laws already in existence that simply aren’t being enforced.  If you’ve been a long time reader of mine you know it is my opinion that legislation will never change hearts, and only education done with a big fat dose of Jesus’ Love can do so.  That being said, many of you will undoubtedly find Pat’s segment interesting.  I know my mother definitely did!

Here’s a Rebroadcast of that first show, shared with permission of Rod Parsley:

For the second show, Rod had Debbie Stacy, the Director of his Center for Moral Clarity, do an in depth interview with me.  My segment takes up the majority of the show, and there are no other guests.

Here’s the second show:

Even as I write this article, I’ve been direct messaged on twitter to let me know TBN is re-broadcasting one of the shows today.  It’s been on several times in the last month, so I am assuming feedback has been positive.  I’ve received emails from around the world from people who have seen it.  What a small world we live in!

Let me know what you think!


Rob Bell and the Samurai

XXXChurch calls Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, Michigan home. In case you don’t know, Mars Hill is the church founded by Rob Bell. So when Craig Gross told me he’d been speaking with Jon Bell (Rob’s brother), that he had tickets for me to Rob’s The God’s Aren’t Angry tour, and that Jon and Rob wanted to meet afterward… well, to say “I was very excited” would be an understatement.

In October of 2006 I asked for book suggestions. Rob’s book Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith is one of the first Christian books I read after surrendering my life to God, and it blew me away. I loved it. I’ve read it once and listened to it on audio twice. I highly suggest reading it. I also highly suggest viewing as many of Rob’s Nooma videos as possible. But I digress.

Wendy and Caden took the trip with me. We spent the early afternoon on Pier 39, checking out the Aquarium of the Bay while we had the chance. After a long, brutal battle, my son charmed his way into a samurai sword (he really had to fight hard for it: showed it to mom and dad, smiled, made cute “Shrek Cat” face… sword acquired).

And so it happened that Rob Bell was later photographed with the world’s newest, deadliest samurai:

Rob Bell, Samurai Caden, Donny Pauling

Rob Bell, Samurai Caden, Donny Pauling

(Rob’s talk was great, by the way)