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Man On the Street: Meet Willy

When a change of perspective is needed, sometimes God works in mysterious ways.

Meet Willy:
Willy in Downtown Redding

Willy lives at the local rescue mission. He was hit by a car a few months ago, on Dec 28th. He receives no government financial assistance. Yet despite being homeless and injured, his attitude is amazing.

I met him while out walking this morning, and when I left to continue the walk he told me that if I ran into anyone who needed an encouraging word I should send them to him. He said he’d tell them, “You tell me what’s buggin’ ya. I promise when I’m through laughin’ I’ll see if I can help ya.”


In His Own Words, video, 2 minutes, 50 Seconds:


My Thoughts After Talking To Willy, audio, 3 minutes, 30 seconds (click the arrow or right click here to download the file):