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Olivetree Bible Software for iPhone

YouVersion Bible App:  Free on iTunes

YouVersion Bible App: Free on iTunes

Since purchasing my iPhone in 2007, I’ve been using the Bible App from YouVersion any time I want to read a passage. That application has come in very handy, and has increased the amount of scripture I read. In fact, I’ve read through the entire New Testament four times in the last year, and much of that was done on my iPhone with this app.  With 19 different translations at my fingertips from YouVersion, I’m able to pick up something new every time I read it.  The main downside to this YouVersion app is that a connection to the Internet is required in order to use it, as it loads content from YouVersion’s server.  In other words:  I can’t read the Bible using this app if I’m, say, leaving on a jet plane.

When my friend David Louis Harter purchased an iPhone just weeks ago, I knew two things would happen for sure:  (1) I knew I’d soon be seeing interesting iPhone photos produced by David, and (2) I knew he’d diligently bring new iPhone apps and features to my attention. I wasn’t disappointed.  One of the first apps David recommended was the BibleReader for iPhone from Olivetree software.

A Partial View of my BibleReader for iPhone Library

A Partial View of my BibleReader Library - Click to Enlarge

If you’re an iPhone user, I can’t recommend this software highly enough.   Be sure to click to enlarge the screenshots I’m posting to check out what you’re missing.  Olivetree has brought a lot more than the Bible to this free application.  At my fingertips is Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, various concordances and study guides, the complete works of Flavius Josephus, the Confessions of St. Augustine, books by the likes of Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, John Piper, John Calvin, and a lot more.  Many of these books are completely free!  Just about any translastion of the Bible can be loaded into BibleReader, some free, some for a fee.

Free items for Olivetree BibleReader - Click to Enlarge

Free items for Olivetree BibleReader - Click to Enlarge

AND NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED TO READ THEM! The Bible, the books… all are downloaded to your iPhone and available at any time.

Navigating scripture is easy: after picking the translation you’d like to read from your library, click the “Verse” button on the top right side of the screen, simply select the Book you wish, followed by the Chapter, and then the Verse. It couldn’t be easier, and is much faster than flipping through the pages of a printed Bible.

I am particularly fond of this software’s split screen features (I’ll post screenshots below to show examples).  I can have two translations open at the same time, comparing, for example, the text of Today’s New International Version with that of the King James Version.  OR perhaps I’ll have a passage of scripture in one window, and commentary notes for it open in the other… or a concordance… or… or… or… It’s nifty, I tell ya! And flipping the screen sideways changes to a landscape view (see examples below).  The OliveTree Blog features “how-to” videos that explain everything for even the mentally slowest amongst us (which explains why I spent a good part of my morning watching said videos).

Since I never go anywhere without my phone, this software means I have multiple translations of the Bible, and related books, available in my pocket at all times.

Or at least until my battery dies…



Split Screen Views

Split Screen Views

It's very easy to select book, chapter, and verse

It's very easy to select book, chapter, and verse


Living Alone, Watching McCain / Palin on Fox News

Several months ago I moved into a 3 bedroom 2 bath house in what I consider one of the best neighborhoods in Redding, California.  I’m renting, of course, because my credit will likely not allow me to buy for quite some time.  If you’re new here, I’ll briefly explain why:  when I left the porn business it was impossible to afford the things to which I’d financially obligated myself while making porn money.  Foreclosure, repossession of vehicles and the like now cloud my credit report.

Bad credit is not something that bothers me too much.  Life at peace with God cannot be compared.

This house is near the Sacramento River Trail, which I think of as my personal trail of healing ’cause God and I walk it together each day.  We have some really great conversations.

The original plan was to have my brother and mother live with me, which is why I chose a 3bd/2ba house, but after 6 days they left for San Diego and haven’t returned.  I’ve let them both know that I really like living alone and prefer to keep it this way.

Never being that much into television, I didn’t bother setting up cable or satellite.  In the months I’ve been in this house I’ve had just one channel:  the local ABC station, which almost comes in clearly.    I haven’t missed TV at all.  If I want to watch an NFL football game badly enough I know I can head down to the local Sport’s bar.  When I’ve wanted to catch a Presidential or VP debate I just point my car down the yellow-brick-road to John’s house, or simply catch it on the Internet.  Once in awhile I’ll want to watch CSI, but television isn’t necessary for that because nearly every episode is available online. has quite a few shows and movies available as well.  The Internet is a great source for print news from all around this wide world, and with a broadband connection there is unlimited access to the best of video news as well.  No TV needed there.

One great benefit of not having the distraction of television is the time I am able to put into reading and study.  This is a habit that started early in my life, as my parent’s didn’t allow a television in the house for many years.  During those legalistic times it was seen as a tool of the devil, after all.

But just a few weeks ago my mother informed me that she plans to return soon, and needs to stay here a month or so until an apartment is ready in the area of town she’d like to inhabit.  Mom no longer feels the way she did when I was a child.  Now she really likes television.  A flyer from a Dish Network contractor just happened to appear in my mailbox this past Monday with a great deal on installation for new customers, so  I picked up the phone and placed an order.

My friend David the Die-hard Republican is a Fox News type of guy.  He truly believes their slogan. You know… that they’re Fair and Balanced.  I often rib him about his Fox habit.

When the technician arrived earlier this morning I sent off an email to David.  The subject line was “Fox News” and the message body simply read, “…is just moments away!  The technician is installing my service right now.”

David’s Reply:  “Great Scott!  Your eyes shall soon be opened!   <g> “

Donny:  “Will I be sitting awestruck and unable to move?”

The banter went back and forth, but I have kept my promise to David:  Fox News is on right now, showing McCain and Palin live at a town hall meeting.

Will the lame walk, the deaf hear… my blind eyes see?

They’ll report.  I’ll decide. 🙂


Back in the Saddle Again

Besides photographing cars, I’ve taken a hiatus from any work that’s photographic in nature. I just needed a break.

As of a few days ago, that has changed. I’ve blown the dust off the lights and have begun shooting again. My plan is to build a real portfolio now, rather than a “porn” portfolio. When I told my friend David about it his exact response was:

Good for you, Donny. Photography is a wonderful way to express yourself artistically, and it is good exercise for the body, mind, soul, and spirit!

If you live within 50 miles of Redding or Chico and would like to have portraits shot of you or your family, please let me know. I’ll volunteer my time and equipment. Any prints you want are on you, though. I’m up for senior pictures or weddings too. Until I have a decent portfolio developed, I won’t be charging anything.

I also plan to start heading out into nature and seeing what I can find.

I’ve shot a few things already. It feels good.