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The New York Times, Yahoo! News, and MUCH More

UPDATE July 3rd, 2007: Many of these links are apparently temporary. For some reason when I click on them now I’m taken to a new story. Weird! I have saved the article from the New York Times as a PDF file (click here to download it). If anyone happened save the others please let me know.

A few facts were slightly off in the story, but for some reason having my name mentioned in the New York Times seems more exciting than any other media mention:

click here to read the story

The author of that article (James Prichard) met with Craig Gross, J.R. Mahon and me after the Pastors and Church Workers Convention I recently mentioned. We all sat around in a room together talking about… well, ourselves. I really liked that reporter and I’m glad to see his article make the New York Times. Apparently, the way it works is that he writes an article for the Associated Press, for whom he’s worked for quite some time, then he puts it “on the wire” and publications across the country are free to pick it up and run the story. That’s a very basic explanation, but close enough.

So here’s to him… and us!

It was also nice of them to put a link to this blog on their site. If you’ve found this blog by clicking over from one of these articles, welcome! Feel free to bookmark my site or add it to your RSS reader or iGoogle page. Stay awhile.


Here are other publications that ran the same story (wow this list is getting LONG):

  1. Yahoo! News
  2. San Diego Union Tribune
  3. The Chicago Tribune
  4. Miami Herald
  5. The Washington Post
  6. The Detroit News – Big Photo Here
  7. Town Hall – Washington, DC
  8. The Journal Gazette – Fort Wayne, Indiana
  9. The Eagle – I have no idea what The Eagle is, but they posted a few photos too, so I wanted to link to their publishing of the story
  10. The Daily News – Long View, Washington
  11. The Pueblo Chieftain – Pueblo, Colorado
  12. The Waterloo Record – Canada
  13. Centre Daily Times – Pennsylvania
  14. The News Tribune – Washington
  15. North County Times – San Diego area
  16. San Mateo County Time
  17. South Bend Tribune – South Bend, Indiana
  18. Wood TV – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  19. Grand Haven Tribune – West Michigan
  20. WXYZ TV – Detroit, Michigan

There are several other places where this story ran. I just haven’t been able to track them all down yet. If you’ve seen it somewhere that’s not listed here please let me know.

Craig Gross and Donny Pauling at the Creative Infusion Conference