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Caden: 2, Dad: 0

Caden and I went camping this weekend with The Fishers of Men, a Christian sportsmen club.  We camped and fished all weekend.  Since there were no showers at the camp, we got pretty dirty and stinky.  Perfect!  🙂

My son is quite the little fisherman.  I’d love to take credit, but the truth is that his mommy takes him a few times a year, and she’s a great teacher.  This weekend I was skunked, but Caden caught two fish.  Here’s a photo of Caden holding one of them, a rainbow trout caught using a night crawler on the Hamilton Branch of the Feather River, right as it feeds into Lake Almanor (the other fish he caught was practically identical in size – very decent, eh?):

Caden The Fisherman
(click to enlarge)

There is nothing better than spending a weekend with my boy.  Nothing.  What a GREAT time!