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iPhone 2.0 Update


Since the 3G network isn’t available in Redding or Chico yet I have no reason to purchase the new phone, especially since Apple is making many of the new features available to existing iPhone users via a software update.


Although it started off looking very promising, upgrading my iPhone to version 2.0 was quite a pain. I plugged my phone into my MacBook Pro and opened iTunes. When I was alerted that a new update was available I gave iTunes permission to download the software. After downloading the 225 MB file, the update was ready to install. All was going well at this point.

My troubles began when the phone restarted after the updated software was installed. Apparently, the phone has to be verified through iTunes. For more than an hour I kept receiving this message:

We could not complete your iTunes Store request.  An unknown error occurred (-4).  </p> <p>Ther was an error in the iTunes Store.  Please try again later.

iPhone 2.0 update error

My phone became an iBrick. I couldn’t make or receive calls or do anything with it other than to look at it and wish I was able to play with the new features.

Doing a google search, I discovered many other people have been having the same problem. Apple’s servers are simply overwhelmed with traffic. But from the reading I did, I learned that my update would finally complete itself if I just kept trying, so that’s what I did. Eventually, it worked.

The new features and “App Store” make that short hour of inconvenience well worth the wait. The first application I added was the Bible application from It offers 12 versions of the Bible in English (and 3 in spanish) at the touch of a button, has a “Daily Reader” feature and allows for easy search. I’m lovin’ it!


I was very happy to learn that the iPhone allows me to capture screenshots of whatever is on my screen by simply holding down the “home” button and pressing the power button at the top of the phone… so instead of telling you about the apps I’ve added so far I’ll simply post a few screenshots. Here’s what I have on my iPhone so far:

iPhone Screenshot #1

iPhone Screenshot

In the photo above you’ll see several different apps I’ve installed. The only one I paid for is Tetris. Tetris is a lot of fun. The Exposure app is great, too. With Exposure, you can access your Flickr photos, or those of your contacts. But what I REALLY like is the feature that allows you to find photos on Flickr that were taken near you. The iPhone determines your GPS location and then finds photos on Flickr that were taken nearby. It rocks!

Here is a look at a few of the top “free applications” available for iPhone:

iPhone Screenshot #3

And a look at a few of the top “paid apps” for iPhone:

iPhone Screenshot #4

I am SUCH a gadget geek, and am feeling on top of the world today with all of these new nifty “things” to play with. If you’re an iPhone user let me know what your favorite “apps” are so far. And check back, ’cause I might update this post or talk more about my faves in the comments section.