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The Best Way to Use an iPhone Credit

Here is Donny’s official step-by-step guide on the proper way to use an Apple iPhone Credit.

iMac Photo Booth

Go to the Apple Store in Sacramento, California at Arden Fair, have an associate direct you to the proper spot on Apple’s website, enter your iPhone’s phone number and serial number, and wait for the text message that arrives shortly from Apple containing your “access code”.

(don’t forget to take a photo of yourself with “Photo Booth” on the the supplied 24 inch iMac – then email it to yourself for later blog use)

iPhone Credit

Have aforementioned associate print out your Apple Store Credit voucher.

8GB iPod Nano

Apply credit voucher towards the purchase of an iPod Nano for the beautiful ex-wife/mother-of-your-son person (shhh… don’t tell her!).


PS: The first pic shows the shirt I wore to this morning’s “Porn and Pancakes” event before flying to Sac for tomorrow’s engagement. Craig Gross liked this one.