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Send a Prayer Up for Keith, Will Ya?

There’s a man named Keith who is involved in the adult business. I’ve been having an email conversation with him today. He is not a Believer but he’s really being attacked for standing up for something he feels is right. A large company in the adult industry has been involved in some shady operations, and Keith has called them on it. Because of the popularity of the company he’s taking a stance against, he is being met with a lot of hatred. There have even been death threats made against him. I doubt those are serious, but in today’s world ya never know.

I, too, spoke out against this company once while still producing porn. I didn’t have proof, but I just knew deep inside that something was not right about the ethics of the owner(s) of the company. Some of the clients with whom I did business seemed to agree with me, but because of the politics involved did not speak publicly about their concerns.

This man is doing a brave thing… and he’s being attacked by the very people he is helping. Ironic, isn’t it? If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know that I still care for those in the adult industry. God gave all of us free will to do as we please, and it is my opinion that there are good people in Adult who just haven’t come to the realization that there is more to life.

I’d like to request a prayer from each reader for this man. He’s standing up, single handedly, to a large company. He’s doing the right thing.

Keith, not that it means anything, but your actions are “Donny Approved”! Good luck, my friend.