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Just How Stupid Does the Republican Party Think We Are?

I’m preparing to take my son camping today. After he gets out of class we’re heading for the hills for a few days of quality time, fishing and “roughing it”.

But if I have the time to do so while he’s still at school, I’m heading downtown to change my voter registration status. I’ve been a Republican since the day I turned 18 on December 23rd, 1991. I’ve voted the Republican Party line every single time the polls were open in Local, State and National races, with one exception: GWBs re-election campaign. But the time has come to change my affiliation.

I’m going to register Independent.


Because I am getting very sick of having my intelligence insulted.

This feeling first began, as I’ve pointed out before, when I realized that it was the Republicans who made abortion legal in this country, and yet they have the audacity to label Democrats Baby-Killers, using the abortion issue THEY BROUGHT TO US to win over the Christian vote. I am disappointed that I didn’t catch on to this sooner. I have no excuse for buying into the lie that the Republican Party is really Pro-Life.

George W. Bush’s last term… I can’t begin to put into words. If I began, I wouldn’t finish for a very long time.

And now the final straw has come: Sara Palin.

I love John McCain. He’s a hero for what he did for this country. But bluntly: he made a huge mistake when choosing his Vice Presidential Candidate. Yep, she’s fiery. And I really enjoyed listening to her speak this past Wednesday evening. She cracked me up with the zingers she threw out there. But the Center for Disease Control says the lifespan for the average American male is 77 years, which means at age 72, John McCain has an above-average chance of leaving this country in the hands of the candidate he chooses for Vice President, and here are a few things I do not appreciate when considering a VP that could become Commander in Chief of the most powerful country in the world:

About 20 months ago, Sara Palin was the part-time mayor of a town the size of Corning (for those of you outside the Northern California area, Corning has about 7,000 people). Based on this fact, I have much hope for my son’s mother. She, after all, was born and raised in a town of the same size. With all the people she knows, I bet she could get the votes needed to become part time mayor of her town, and then just a few years down the road, who knows? Maybe Vice President of the United States! Woo hoo! Go Wendy!

Sara Palin obtained her first passport just last year, when she wanted to visit Alaska’s troops in Iraq. Yes, in 2007. So the potential Commander in Chief, upon whom we must rely to interact on our behalf with all the other countries of the world, has ONLY been outside THIS country once? Just last year? HUH?

Sara Palin is now the Governor of a state who’s population is half the size of the population of Sacramento County. Since many of you don’t live in Northern California, pick a large city within driving distance of where you do live. I’d bet that city has a larger population than Sara Palin’s entire state. I’m not saying it’s not nifty that she’s a Governor, but I AM saying, quite clearly, that she is not ready to be the Leader of the Free World.

As for education, Sara Palin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications-Journalism from the University of Idaho.

And we’re not even going to get into the investigation she’s currently under to see if she abused her power when she allegedly had a man fired because he wouldn’t fire her sister’s husband (whom the sister is divorcing).

The world laughs at us now with Dubya as our President. How much more will that be the case if our Commander in Chief comes with the credentials just listed?

I know stubborn. Believe me. I’m a very stubborn person. I “GET” the reasons some people just won’t leave the good ol’ Republican party no matter what. I get how some people will pretend they’re happy as can be with McCain’s choice for Vice President, following the Party wherever it may lead.

I get it.

But come on! Deep inside you’ve GOT to be insulted by this choice just as much as I am! Aren’t the red flags going off like crazy in your head? Don’t you start to feel like the Republicans just think we’ll stupidly fall for ANYTHING?

Don’t answer that. I don’t want to hear ya lie.

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