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A Good Sermon I Think All Should Hear

My Pastor, Bill Giovannetti, spoke this past Sunday. On the church website they called his sermon “Totally Unstuck: Free In Christ“.

Click Here To Listen To It (you can also right click on that link and save it to your hard drive).

I don’t think people realize just how free we really are as Christians, and I love how Bill asks “Saints” to give up their right to be offended. That is a really good line, and I’d ask you to listen to his message in order to understand what he means by that.

In my opinion many Christians need to realize that, while there are definitely certain “rules” to life, the rules so many of us try to follow are often times made up by men rather than by God. It’s good to see churches are beginning to realize and address this.

Favorite Quote from Bill’s Sermon:
“The Bible, rightly interpreted, always makes you free!”

Favorite idea from the sermon:
“Jesus differentiated between God’s word and man made traditions.” (really listen to this part)

Random Donny Thought:
When you truly love someone you want to please them, right? If the person you love tries to scare you into “obedience,” doesn’t that diminish your desire to please out of love and ultimately lead to resentment? That is so clear to me! Yet, why do so many Christians try to scare people into obedience?