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Conversations: Last Night and This Morning


Donny: Paul says I look like Nemo from Finding Nemo.

Wendy: Well, it’s not that bad. I like the shirt. Really, I do. It’s just…
(then to her mom) Poor Donny. Everyone makes fun of the clothes he buys.


(upon entering Paul’s office and him viewing the second of 3 shirts I purchased this past Monday – this one yellow and white instead of orange and white like yesterday)

Paul: Did you take a woman shopping with you?

Donny: Nope.

Paul: You should have.

Donny: American Eagle. Clearance Rack.

Paul: I have no doubts!


I have a good track record with picking shirts for myself (read this entry).



Would you take fashion advice from a guy who wore this watch?

click photo to enlarge

Craig says the shirt I’m wearing in this pic is hideous, so I put on his watch and had him take a photo. Tell me, would you take fashion advice from a MAN who wore THIS watch?

(By the way, if you’ve known me for awhile you may be able to look at this pic and tell that the weight loss is finally starting to show in my face. It’s about time! I’ve lost 41 lbs and my face seems to have been the last place to notice!)

For the back story, see Craig’s comments in this post:
Anderson Cooper, I’m Ready!

Then read this post (and the comments):
I’m Wearing It Anyway!
I’ve since been told I should stick with solid colors or stripes. That takes all the fun out of everything, dontcha think? 😦