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248.5 and a Walking Trail

Donny at 271 lbs –>
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I hate talking about my weight, because it’s pretty high. I’ve been shedding the lbs slowly but surely since I surrendered my life to God in September but haven’t been talking about it here on the blog. It’s apparent I’m a “big guy” but I didn’t want everyone to realize just HOW big.

Take a look at the photo over there on the right. Yes, it’s the same photo that has been in my profile in the “About Me” area for the past several months. In the photo I weigh 271 lbs.

The weight has been coming off. A few days ago my scale said 250.0 . I was excited because that is only 10 lbs more than what I was when Wendy and I split up.

My first goal was to break 250 lbs. Each morning I get on the scale hoping to read a number smaller than 250.0. Even a hair smaller than 250 will be okay. Each morning it’s stuck right at that, or goes up a half lb to 250.5.

Just a few minutes ago I stepped on the scale. The numbers that came up made me smile:

248.5, bringing my total weight loss to 22.5 lbs. Nice! I’ve surpassed the first goal! I feel like I’m a contestant on The Biggest Loser.

My next goal is to see how quickly I can hit 240 lbs and be at the same weight I was at when I revealed to Wendy that I’d been producing porn and the two of us split up.


Here in town we have a lot of walking trails. One such trail goes right along the Sacramento River. It’s beautiful. It’s one of those trails that would make an atheist have a hard time holding his position.

Yesterday I walked it while praying and listening to Christian music on my iPod. The particular area of the path I was walking happened to be 5.7 miles long and has markers every half mile so you feel a sense of accomplishment by seeing how far you’ve come.

I began by walking very fast for half a mile to warm up my legs, then I jogged at a pretty fast pace (well, fast for a fat man) for the next half mile. The remaining 4.7 miles was done at a fast walk approaching a jog. I was near the end of the 5.7 mile power walk and was feeling great, crossing the last bridge over the river that would take me to my car and home to the shower.

There hadn’t been too many people around for the entire walk. Worship Music was blasting in my ears. It just seemed appropriate to be listening to that type of music on such a beautiful trail. I’d been talking to God the entire time. I felt like singing.

I belted out, “Your name is holy!” near the top of my lungs. With the music turned up as loud as it would go I had no idea that at the exact moment I did so a female jogger had JUST caught up to me from behind and was passing on my left. In the quiet of the morning I know my outburst of singing must have shocked her.

She sped up. I couldn’t stop laughing.

In a few minutes I leave to walk the trail again.