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Nightline ABC Debate at Yale University

This is a debate that was filmed at Yale University in which Donny Pauling and Craig Gross debate porn stars Monique Alexander and Ron Jeremy on the topic of Pornography. It is moderated by Martin Bashir.

The debate starts with behind the scenes interviews with those involved in it. This isn’t the finished version that aired nationally – that was only 19 minutes long and is posted further down this page – this is the full debate, which is much better, as more context is shown. It is 1 hour and 20 minutes in length.


Full Version:

For comparison, here is the 19 minute, edited clip that aired nationally:


Full Version:

For comparison, here is the 19 minute, edited clip that aired nationally:

5 thoughts on “Nightline ABC Debate at Yale University

  1. Wonderful debate to watch and get perspective on the dangers of pornography. I can’t help but notice how Ron avoided questions most of the time because porn really can’t be justified. It is not just sinful, it is harmful for many psychological and even physical reasons. I’m not writing this to debate, and honestly I don’t know enough about it to feel as if I could do so effectively, but I must say, this video (especially the full length) was refreshing as a Christian to see. It reinforces the ideal that all Christians are called to uphold each other, which is to love one another, no matter how different they might be. Most Christians would cringe at the sight of Ron or Monique, but Chris is out there calling them friends, just like Jesus did with the tax collectors. Really glad I took the time to watch the whole thing, and really glad there are people out there who aren’t afraid to eat with the “tax collectors” of today.

  2. While I’m in full agreement with Donny and Craig’s viewpoints on the severely damaging nature of pornography and it’s concurrent effects on the lives of both the participants and viewers, I’m disheartened at the lack of preparation from both parties. Ron had statistical material prepared in front of him, albeit weak figures and statements. When Donny and/or Craig is tackle this subject on the debate level, and I’m sure they will again and again, they need to be better prepared, especially when facing an audience such as this. There is a plethora of information available to support the psychological trauma and abuse porn promotes from well known resources, resources which could either be documented or personally available. Donny has immense resources at his disposal and while his desire and need to protect his former clientele is paramount, much of that information can be documented in a way that does so. When we debate the world, biblical logic is heard as illogical. There is more than enough secular data to support their viewpoints that can be injected with sound biblical truths about the grace and mercy of God. Prepare!

  3. I didn’t understand why Donny did not stand up more to them since he knows from experience the harmful effects and experiences. ?

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