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Welcome to My Office

I’ve wanted to blog more often about something other than religious opinions and learnings. This fits that description…

My Office

Several minutes ago I took a break from working to post on a message board I frequent (seen on the screen of my laptop in the photo above). Now I’m taking a break from taking a break from working to write to you and show off my mobile office. What you see in that photo is almost all I need to make a living these days.

I love being self employed. I get to choose when and where I work. On some days I may work from home until 3am, while other times I’ll head to Starbucks or Barnes and Noble or some other wireless hotspot with my MacBook Pro in tow. My home internet account also includes free wifi access at more than 10,000 locations across the country. I make good use of it, rarely working two days in a row from the same location. Tonight just happens to find me sitting in Barnes and Noble.

A different location a day keeps the boredom away, I say.

I manage and market auto dealer websites. I’m good at what I do. When I owned porn sites I figured out how to obtain decent search engine results for the terms I was seeking. While many Internet users may not find my current subject matter as interesting as what I used to “sell”, the same concepts apply to anything I wish to market online. My current clients have been seeing very good results.

Perhaps God really CAN use all things for good?

I’ve recently been working on something that, if successful, will expand my business to the point of needing a few more employees. For now, my son’s mother works for me. Because of this, she has a nice boss that allows her to work her own hours, enabling her to spend time in my son’s classroom any time she chooses to do so. If my expansion plan comes to fruition I’m considering the idea of hiring other single mothers, granting them that same freedom.