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Easter Vigil 2014 – Why Catholicism?

I’m re-posting this from my Facebook Page.  Here on my blog there are other posts about this topic, for those interested in more detail on my reasons for converting.

More than 5 years ago, a Catholic ministry asked if I’d be willing to be interviewed for a documentary they were making regarding pornography. I was surprised, because from experience, those leaders in the Protestant churches with which I was familiar would never have asked a Catholic speaker to be part of a ministry project. I got curious. I’ve always been the type to go directly “to the source” if I want to know what someone believes (for example: if I wanted to know about YOU, should I ask YOU, or should I read a book that was written by someone who doesn’t like you?). I began asking questions about the things Catholics believe, and began arguing with Catholics about how wrong they were about certain issues. Matt Fradd and I even had recorded debates on issues such as baptism and other important topics.

Fr-Carlos Martins invited me to speak to students at York University in Toronto. We stayed up until 2am discussing theology and other things. He told me that he saw I would become Catholic. I told him that would never happen. He told me that not only would I be Catholic, I was called to be a Priest. Little did he know, I’d had such thoughts myself, and they were becoming more frequent.

Father James Mallon from Nova Scotia had me speak for his parish. All of you who have been around me for any length of time know that I’m not afraid to say what I’m thinking. I told Father Mallon that a good friend had recently told me that the Catholic Church is the biggest mission field in the world, because so many Catholics don’t realize what a deep, personal relationship they can have with Jesus. I asked what he thought of that statement. He replied, “Both I and the Pope would agree with that.” He then asked if I planned to stay outside taking pot shots at all that I thought was wrong about the Catholic faith, and criticize it incessantly, or if I would instead get in and help educate people, becoming a “missionary” to an enormous group of people who are dearly beloved by God. That challenge really moved me. Honestly, that challenge gnawed at me then and still does to this day.

I started digging deep into Catholic theology. I had many questions, many issues, and many disagreements. Yet I felt drawn to the church. I really do feel like there is much for me to do inside the Church. And although most of the Catholics I’ve met when they’ve had me come speak for them have VERY close walks with Jesus, I’ve also run into just as many who seem intimidated to approach him directly, particularly amongst the hispanic, spanish-is-their-first-language Catholics. I firmly believe it is perfectly fine to ask the Saints and Mary to pray for us, as there is scriptural evidence that they already do so. But I also began sharing with my Catholic friends that we are the bride of Christ, meaning Jesus is our spouse. The Bible tells us that in our natural lives, when we are married we are to leave father and mother and cling to our spouse. This means we can and SHOULD therefore go directly to Jesus. Going to Him through a saint or His mother is not necessary (but again, asking for their prayers is great). The thing is, this line of thought does NOT conflict with Catholic theology in any way. I’ve been told, even by a Deacon, “Thank you for the reminder that we can have such a personal relationship with Jesus.”

I feel the unmistakable call of God to be a missionary to His Church, and I have pursued it. I am willing to be used in any manner He wishes. That pursuit continues tonight, as I am to be confirmed in just a few hours and will enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. I have NO DOUBTS whatsoever that I’m where HE wants me to be. I’m home.

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Interesting Articles on Mary, written by Protestants

I’m posting this in order to make it easy for myself to find these articles on my Facebook page at a later date, when the links become buried by time.

Two Fascinating Articles on Mary (written by Protestants)

From Church History Magazine, Issue 83, comes this:

Recovering a Protestant Mary

From the same issue of the same magazine, comes more of Mary’s history, including a bit about her parents, Joachim and Anne:

Where’d That Come From?

I’ve also been told Mary’s father, Joachim, was a Jewish Rabbi, and she (Mary) was given back to God at birth, in a very similar way to the story of Samuel.

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On Catholicism and Me

When I first started being asked to speak for them, a man I greatly respect told me that the Catholic Church is the largest mission field in the world. He said a large percentage of Catholics don’t comprehend that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. Honestly, my Catholic friends, I quickly discovered that he’s RIGHT.

At a recent RCIA meeting, we were discussing what prayer means to us. I shared that I talk to Jesus as if he’s sitting in the chair right beside me. A DEACON in the church said, “Thanks for the reminder that we can have such a personal relationship with Jesus.” Folks, that’s a deacon. He’s as close to being a priest as a married man can get.

I feel very called to get involved, become a priest if that’s what God wills, and tell as many Catholics as I can that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. The church does so many beautiful things for God, yet SO MANY are missing out on something they need to know.

When I spoke of this to a few of the priests I’ve met, who’ve had me in to speak, they’ve not argued at all, but rather agreed! One such priest told me, “Both I, and the Pope, would agree [that more Catholics need to realize they can have a personal relationship with Jesus].” I have been challenged by these priests: I can stand outside and criticize them, or enter in and help!

So… that’s it. That’s a huge motivation for me.  There are plenty of other reasons, which I’ll share over time, but that’s a biggie.  I don’t feel a draw to be a pastor in the protestant church and never have, but for some reason i strongly desire to be a Catholic priest. The church Jesus founded needs more people WORKING, rather than criticizing it.