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Living Alone, Watching McCain / Palin on Fox News

Several months ago I moved into a 3 bedroom 2 bath house in what I consider one of the best neighborhoods in Redding, California.  I’m renting, of course, because my credit will likely not allow me to buy for quite some time.  If you’re new here, I’ll briefly explain why:  when I left the porn business it was impossible to afford the things to which I’d financially obligated myself while making porn money.  Foreclosure, repossession of vehicles and the like now cloud my credit report.

Bad credit is not something that bothers me too much.  Life at peace with God cannot be compared.

This house is near the Sacramento River Trail, which I think of as my personal trail of healing ’cause God and I walk it together each day.  We have some really great conversations.

The original plan was to have my brother and mother live with me, which is why I chose a 3bd/2ba house, but after 6 days they left for San Diego and haven’t returned.  I’ve let them both know that I really like living alone and prefer to keep it this way.

Never being that much into television, I didn’t bother setting up cable or satellite.  In the months I’ve been in this house I’ve had just one channel:  the local ABC station, which almost comes in clearly.    I haven’t missed TV at all.  If I want to watch an NFL football game badly enough I know I can head down to the local Sport’s bar.  When I’ve wanted to catch a Presidential or VP debate I just point my car down the yellow-brick-road to John’s house, or simply catch it on the Internet.  Once in awhile I’ll want to watch CSI, but television isn’t necessary for that because nearly every episode is available online. has quite a few shows and movies available as well.  The Internet is a great source for print news from all around this wide world, and with a broadband connection there is unlimited access to the best of video news as well.  No TV needed there.

One great benefit of not having the distraction of television is the time I am able to put into reading and study.  This is a habit that started early in my life, as my parent’s didn’t allow a television in the house for many years.  During those legalistic times it was seen as a tool of the devil, after all.

But just a few weeks ago my mother informed me that she plans to return soon, and needs to stay here a month or so until an apartment is ready in the area of town she’d like to inhabit.  Mom no longer feels the way she did when I was a child.  Now she really likes television.  A flyer from a Dish Network contractor just happened to appear in my mailbox this past Monday with a great deal on installation for new customers, so  I picked up the phone and placed an order.

My friend David the Die-hard Republican is a Fox News type of guy.  He truly believes their slogan. You know… that they’re Fair and Balanced.  I often rib him about his Fox habit.

When the technician arrived earlier this morning I sent off an email to David.  The subject line was “Fox News” and the message body simply read, “…is just moments away!  The technician is installing my service right now.”

David’s Reply:  “Great Scott!  Your eyes shall soon be opened!   <g> “

Donny:  “Will I be sitting awestruck and unable to move?”

The banter went back and forth, but I have kept my promise to David:  Fox News is on right now, showing McCain and Palin live at a town hall meeting.

Will the lame walk, the deaf hear… my blind eyes see?

They’ll report.  I’ll decide. 🙂