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My Friend David Talked Some Sense Into Me

My friend David is a die-hard Republican. He has been quite distressed about my public declaration that I intend to vote for Barack Obama in November. After trying many different methods to make me “see the light”, he took the time today to write out an email, appealing to pure logic and reason.

His email was entitled:

A Logical Analysis

Here is what he wrote:

Okay, Donny, let’s work this out logically without a lot of emotion.

If you vote for Obama….

You get this…..

But if you vote for McCain….

You get this…

I don’t know about you, but looking at this in a logical manner, McCain appears to be the better candidate.


Well, now that it’s been put to me that way, how do I argue with his logic?

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Leta: a Woman at Age 4

Heather Armstrong from is one of my favorite bloggers. I also “follow” her on Twitter. One of the applications on my iPhone is a program called Twitterific, which allows me to keep up with all of those I’ve chosen to “follow”.

This morning, while reading some recent “tweets”, I just HAD to share one with you. Below, you’ll find a screenshot of a conversation between Heather and her 4 year old daughter, Leta.

They grow up so fast these days!