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How My Head Ended Up Cue-Ball Bald

Yesterday I bought a beard trimmer. My face was really scruffy and I wanted it neatly trimmed.

Today I used the beard trimmer. I was impressed. It’s a nice one with nifty features.

I decided to use the beard trimmer to cut my hair. This turned out to be a mistake. In hindsight, I suppose the word “beard” in beard trimmer should have tipped me off. If it was meant for heads I suppose it would be called “head trimmer”.

After using the not-head-trimmer on my dome, my hair was very unevenly cut. I could have showered, put on a hat and headed to Supercuts for all to be made well.

But thats what sane people would do.

Instead, I got out the razor and shave gel.

(ps: the scruffy face had to be shaved to match…it was just the right thing to do)