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On My Reading List (Mandatory, I Tell Ya!)

Undoubtedly motivated by some of the things I wrote in my blog post to Carrie and the subsequent comments, my Pastor has strongly recommended I read this book:

Reinventing Jesus: How Contemporary Skeptics Miss the Real Jesus and Mislead Popular Culture


Reinventing Jesus cuts through the rhetoric of extreme doubt to reveal the profound credibility of historic Christianity. Meticulously researched yet eminently readable, this book invites a wide audience to take a firsthand look at the primary evidence for Christianity’s origins.

I’d have it in my possession this evening, but it’s not in stock at my local Barnes and Noble. The good news is that has it in stock and is, in fact, shipping it to me now.

Note to readers: when your Pastor recommends a book, ya best betta read it!

PS to readers: On a somewhat related topic, I’m very proud of my boy, who loves reading just as much as his daddy. He’s just completing second grade and his latest reading award (this week) reveals that he’s read more than 660,000 words this school year.  He’s reading at 8th/9th grade level, too. Be still, my heart!

PPS: Bill, I also bought What’s So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D’Souza, as recommended at lunch the other day, as well as The Cell’s Design: How Chemistry Reveals the Creator’s Artistry by Fazale Rana.